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What’s the FASTEST FNF Song? (2.2 MILLION Notes)…

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Fastest Song? Highest Score? WORLD RECORDS!? In this vid, we go over Friday Night Funkin mods such as FNF Hortas and Manny Edition (Dave and Bambi spinoff mods). These are known for the Funeral and Ommetaphobia songs. One song has 2.2 million notes. The other has a 6 million score. Which one is the true king of FNF CHAOS!?

🔥🎤 What’s the hardest FNF song you’ve beaten? Let’s comment below!

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That’s right, in this spicy FNF world record vid, we talk about two Dave and Bambi spinoff mods, called FNF Hortas Edition, as well as FNF Manny Edition! Hortas Edition contains the most notes in a Friday Night Funkin song ever, at 2 million notes! While in Manny Edition, the song Ommetaphobia contains the highest score in Friday Night Funkin that’s possible, sitting at a whopping 6,132,000! We dig into why both songs hold their respective world records, while remaining incredible similar and different at the same time!

Emojis provided by Twemoji!:

Funeral Chart by OliGon!:

Ommetaphobia Beaten by ItsARandomUser!:

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  1. 🔥🎤 What’s the hardest FNF song you’ve beaten?

  2. The Top 10 Hardest Dave & Bambi Songs :

    | My Opinion |

    10 – Exploitation

    | Dave And Bambi 3.0 |

    9 – Applecore
    ( Expunged)

    | Dave And Bambi Golden Apple Edition |

    8 – Theomania

    | Dave And Bambi Hortas Edition |

    7 – Phonophobia
    ( Omnipotent Bambi)

    | ??? |

    6 – Opposition

    | Dave And Bambi Strident Crisis Edition |

    5 – Hellbreaker

    | Dave And Bambi Strident Crisis Edition |

    4 – Delirium

    | Dave And Bambi Hortas Edition |

    3 – Taimuresu

    | ??? |

    2 – Blocked Forever

    | ??? |

    1 – Funeral
    ( Funeralbi )

    | ??? |

  3. as a spammer i can break my chromebook with this!

  4. Well the 1st fastest song is taimuresu it has 23,185,400 notes! and the 2rd is regret mod fnf it has 20,620,900 notes! And 3th its ommetophoia it has 6.1m notes :/

  5. You havent seen Lost in hell with speed thats 1000000000000 times faster and with 10 million notes and score thats Even bigger than ommetaphobia or Any other fnf song

  6. bro really said "Hold on lemmie be a hospital monitor for a moment"

  7. I feel like this should only talk about songs that are actually humanly possible, this is like asking how fast a human can go and then saying 600mph cuz you stick them on a plane. These songs aren't difficult, they're just impossible or spammy.

  8. dave and bambi in the future = 1 BILLION NOTES

  9. Any Cuphead fans thinking that the eye looks like the divine relic in Cuphead

  10. ommetaphobia opponent side is abt 66k notes which is 22m score

  11. wheres taimuresu it has the most notes and i also know its taimuresu
    is the harder song with funeral

  12. 4:04 This is just a normal amount of notes in Dave and Bambi's mods.

  13. FUNERAL is a fake chart, it uses a hold note skin. The only parts that have spam are when the parts “tone down”
    The “score” part on FUNERAL it’s fake, it shows how many notes are seen, it’s an edit of the owner. The “2.2M notes” in the title are both sides combined, they have about 1k notes each though.
    “LOST IN HELL” has “10 million notes” in the title BUT it uses a fake note counter and hold note skin. You cannot load 10 million notes into a song. Do not trust Oligon, the actual true spammiest chart is probably “astray”
    Astray is a REALLY spammy song claimed to have 1e+18 BPM in the original song, definitely fake BUT a person on YouTube [They deleted their account] Charted astray.
    The song had about 26 thousand notes, they used godmode and didn’t hit the notes so nobody knows the score besides the owner, They wanted you to see the misses, the misses total the notes. The chart could have 52 THOUSAND NOTES if you total spaci’s side with BF.
    Spaci’s side is unlisted
    On the other hand, This is another deleted one.
    Yet again, funeral. This time a legit one made by manny. (His channel also got deleted)
    This one had 55K notes if I remember, 110K if you count FuneralBI’s side.
    Now we have eclipse.
    [Will be edited, I’m counting up the notes]

    Eclipse’s notes.
    The screen becomes static in one of the section transformations, 16764 is an estimate.
    Adding them together,
    Double it for both sides:146368

  14. skill issue from vs mann co laughing in the corner

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