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What if Miku came down to sing instead of Monster? (Winter Horrorland but it’s a Miku and Hex Cover)

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What if Miku came down to fight instead of Monster? (Winter Horrorland but it’s a Miku and Hex Cover)

NO! I didn’t use the vocaloid software. I don’t have it. So have some Miku beep boops instead. Now this was supposed to be yesterday’s video, which was made after that whole me hating on FNF Drama stuff so I used two FNF Mods that I was 100% sure had no drama. I also kinda wanted to do a vanilla FNF song for the same exact reason. So yeah. Though now I’ve got all that stuff cleared out my system so I’ll go back to doing mod songs. Was also working on improving BETADCIU’s layout and engine so that took a while too. Anyways, hope you enjoy this!

Mods Used:
Hatsune Miku FULL WEEK:
V.S Hex:

Miku Christmas Design by @Sayo Nara:

GenoX (Hex Voicebank):

UTAU Voicebanks:

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  1. Everyone: evil miku, tomato miku
    Me, an intellectual: z a t s u n e m i k u

  2. imagine if they actually added the lyrics, since miku is a vocaloid and can sing consonants

  3. Now I kinda want Miku to sing JP winter horrorland with real lyrics

  4. Hex: Are you a tomato?
    Boyfriend: Ha tomato
    Miku: Shut up
    Monster/Lemon demon: No tomato
    Miku: SHUT UP!!!
    Girlfriend: Btw, you look kinda like a tomato-
    Miku: "Mad anime noises"

  5. can you plase do a download link? ;_;

  6. is miku singing this in Japanese or is it just voice clips of her

  7. This is well made!
    Why is Miku Red?
    And its interesting to have it be
    Miku vs Hex, This is a great Cover!

  8. Tomato miku is real in game but og miku is real irl

  9. They sound good together, but they don't belong with each other, yeah, they're both chill, but Miku would be better off with Rin, or someone else

  10. Missed chance for winter miku

  11. imagine if you got Miku's voicebank and used it so she can sing the words, would be even better

  12. RobloxBrossDiego Gameplays, Official says:

    Hatsune Miku And RobloxBrossDiego
    Hex And Noob

  13. Here is the lore:
    Hex found out the his idol (Miku) was visiting a local mall for a Christmas concert. Hex asked miku to sing with him and to his surprise she said yes.

  14. Me: Imagines this as Bacterial Contamination Miku
    Also me: Imagines how Horrified Hex would be

  15. Someone needs to do a Snow Miku mod. Yes I know we have a Miku mod already but why not a Snow Miku one?

  16. Alt title: Monster had a disease and hired Miku to replace him as the two are somehow besties

  17. 𝙂𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙖 𝙅𝙖𝙣𝙨𝙚𝙩:) says:

    Me: Miku wants to eat the hex.

  18. Maybe a AU title : Miku but she’s secretly corrupted?

  19. htrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  20. Yes Miku s voice 👌 smooth 👌

  21. Hex: Miku, try to fight it!
    (Evil Miku: SHUT UP!)

    Whitty: Hex is right! You Can Do ANYTHING!
    (Evil Miku: SHUT UP!)

    Boyfriend: Come on Big Sister! we counting on you!
    (Evil Miku: SHUT UP!)

    Girlfriend: Try to fight it and save everyone!
    (Evil Miku: SHUT UP!)

    Everyone: FIGHT IT MIKU!!

    Garcello and Annie: We're Counting on you!

    Evil Miku: ARRGH!! SHUT UP!!!

    (Miku use her Powers)

    Tord: Uh oh.

    Matt: AAHHH!

    Edd: MIKU NO!!!

    Tom: Lame.

    (The Mall just Exploded)

  22. Ok, tomato miku reminds me of Circus Baby from Fnaf

  23. Alternative title: Winter horror land but Ui Tunesu (Witness-chan) and Hex sings it

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