VS Mic of Time, Atrocity, Tails' Halloween & MORE Friday Night Funkin' Mods - FNF Mods Weekly #2 - tori-games.com

VS Mic of Time, Atrocity, Tails’ Halloween & MORE Friday Night Funkin’ Mods – FNF Mods Weekly #2

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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’ Mods Weekly! This week we take on Jellybean and the Skeletons in Atrocity, Tails’ Halloweeen, Sonic.EXE, Ben Drowned, and MUCH MORE! Every week I’m aiming to cover FNF mods that didn’t quite make it into a YouTube video!

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0:00 Welcome to FNF Mods Weekly
0:58 VS Pip
11:33 VS KOU
20:08 Tails’ Halloween
31:37 VS Snow Miser
33:09 Atrocity (Jellybean VS Skeletons)
36:01 Mic of Time
55:37 Omnipresent V2

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Pip (Full Week):
Kepler Observation Unit [WEEK 2 UPDATE]):
Friday Night Funkin: Tail’s Halloween:
Atrocity [Fanmade]:
VS Snow Miser (Too Much):
FNF: Mic Of Time [Vs Ben Drowned] V1:
Omnipresent V2: The Executable Entourage:

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Outro music by DPZ for the VS UniqueGeese – Feathery Fight Soundtrack:

Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source donationware rhythm game first released in 2020 for a game jam. The game was developed by a team of four Newgrounds users, Cameron “Ninjamuffin99” Taylor, David “PhantomArcade” Brown, Isaac “Kawai Sprite” Garcia, and evilsk8r.

#FridayNightFunkin #FridayNightFunkinMods #UniqueGeese


  1. Oh people are bullying a PNG tubers for a reason bc they re cringe but I don't think doxxing a girl is called being a W more like a lunatic who just can't get a life but harrass a girl

  2. What kind of bothers me is that in the tails Halloween mod in the cutscene Sonic clearly avoided Knuckles punch but he couldn't avoid the second one getting punched through a wall

  3. oh holy hell i didn't see this

    I'm Knuckles in the Tails' Halloween mod! I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

  4. Hey geese! Can you play Robotic presses cover pack it might sound boring BUT ITS VERY WELL CODED AND ASLO HAS A WORLD REVOLVING COVER AND A BIG SHOT COVER, there is a v1 and v2, the mod is really underated! You should check it out!

  5. theres another VS Ben mod and there is a part where he drowns and pops off

  6. Well jokes on you, I don’t have a girlfriend to be screwed

  7. You should play fnf ytp invasion 2.0, it will fulfill your ytp childhood : )

  8. 47:19 DAMN MASON THAT ASMR?!?!

    hint for sorrow:You just have to mash space when it tells you to and NOT THE ENTIRE FRICKIN SONG

  9. sonic.exe isnt real its just halloween costume of sonic

  10. u got garcello loud in first try and you didn't even know

  11. For the next fnf mods weekly geese, you should try out Friday Night Crunchin Full Week, just got updated recently and the songs are bangers, but i think it got overshadowed by gorefield and that sans mod

  12. Bro that rap you did at the start was good man wasn't expecting that. Oh yeah there is a triple trouble remix called four way fracture you should play it and Mario Funk mix got updated

  13. Jokes on you, you think haters have a life or even a girl? That's a bit of an oversight.

  14. I love how Sonic.exe’s in Tail’s Halloween mod voice is supposed to be Sonic’s voice with a faded deep voice in it instead of just one deep voice.

  15. I love how Sonic.exe’s in Tail’s Halloween mod voice is supposed to be Sonic’s voice with a faded deep voice in it instead of just one deep voice.

  16. its not a mistake! its just Unique

  17. I find it hilarious house Geese finds the need to greet Sunky every time he shows up like he's a cousin

  18. Either Goose is more oblivious than I thought or it flew over his head

    The reason why the Green Hill motif is in the second song of Tail's Halloween is because it's in You Can't Run, You Can't Run is named after Act 2 of the Sonic.exe ROM, which the cutscene prior to Minacious clearly references because of Sonic disappearing when Knuckles punches him.

    Also, so many Sonic mods use Green Hill's leitmotif for the same reason so many Sonic games use Green Hill's general theme; It's iconic. It's the literal first level in the first game. No shit it's all over anything Sonic related.

  19. Ayo why you tryin to screw my girl

    Also ẞ3ÆNS made out of J 3 l_ l_ ¥

  20. You could’ve played the better version of atrocity

  21. My nigga you ain’t gettin no bitches 💀

  22. This video was funny that’s for sure (‘8§8’)

  23. We need a smiling Friends mod change my mind

  24. I looked up mr hands, is horse sex what you meant?

  25. Wow i didnt think geese would realize that he only had to mash space for a certain amount of time :/

  26. I think it would be cool if you checked out the Vs. Skull Emoji mod

  27. Dude you should try vs sad mouse mod the one sad mouse pretty underrated there is 3 songs in this mod and playable cutscene like mic of time have it just little but mod itself is awesome.

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