Twitter Argument But It's a FNF Mod -

Twitter Argument But It’s a FNF Mod

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Erm can’t help but notice our opinions differ, wanna make it a friday night funkin mod?

This friday night funkin upload contains one of the songs from the osoing twitter account mod. This lead me to making an fnf interpretation of the osoing video. The way i went along with this interpretation was kinda like the Peter smokes crack where he has a classic twitter argument.

Also apparently the new VS Whitty – Definitive Edition has been leaked out which im really excited about which also has this new character called julian which is really cool. The same Online VS Edd, Tord and Uberkids from Pico’s School or Eddsworld whichever one you’d consider. Now that i think about it i should really get around to playing those songs.

Thank you for all the support!

Audio from osoing:

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin

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  1. Full song pls:(((( the song is so E P I C

  2. I like the way during the "rap battle" some pictures with no sense pop up, this is a good way to show us that Twitter argument are mostly about useless bullshit but always ends up as a big drama hole.

  3. why did it show an address?, and then longitude and latitude

  4. Gram…did is da best thing I've ever heard

  5. Where is the fucking mod link cuz this is a fucking banger

  6. Good lord that LBP “womp womp” and the sack boy in the background smacked me with nostalgia like a paddle.

  7. Didn’t expect a mod about a virtual argument on Twitter would slap like that.

  8. Innocent Twiiter artist:
    Twitter users:
    Im gonna ruin this person whole career

  9. Y/n posted
    “Bts is overrated.”

    Osoing replied^

  10. It always the joke mods that got the best music

  11. Guys! Appreciate his work because he took hours taking screenshots of the NTF!

  12. That mad guy: "MY FATHER OWN

    Me: "I didn't fucking asked"


  14. 146.432.32
    Not a real address
    1600 Pennsylvania
    Avenue NW. Washington
    DC 20500, USA

  15. Can make it to a mod we like it👌👌👌

  16. The music was so good my cat was actually vibin to this

  17. Anyone remember when that one lady got mad at Ricky Berwick for being Ricky Berwick?
    That was kinda funny

  18. I've seen so many variations of this yet never seen it as an ACTUAL ingame fnf mod

  19. All jokes aside, what was that 2nd image that appeared?!?!?

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