Top 5 FNF Remix Mods - Friday Night Funkin' -

Top 5 FNF Remix Mods – Friday Night Funkin’

Arena Closer
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How is it going, fellows? Here’s another Friday Night Funkin’ Mods Showcase – Top 5 FNF Remix Mods! This time we picked mods where the whole story and songs are remixed. They are Soft, D-Sides, Neo, Minus-Neo and B-Side Remixes. Did you like all the chosen mods in this video? Write it down in the comments section. Enjoy watching this video!

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

00:00 Intro
00:14 Friday Night Funkin’ Soft –
02:29 Friday Night Funkin’ Minus-Neo –
04:14 Friday Night Funkin’ Neo –
05:53 Friday Night Funkin’ B-Side Remixes –
07:23 Friday Night Funkin’ D-Sides –
09:13 Outro

Gameplay was recorded by Arena Closer Team.

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🎵 Outro Song:
Arp Bounce – Geographer

Thanks for watching!

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  1. why is nobody talking about how minus neo both sounds and looks absolutely horrible

  2. Why is soft boyfriend mad at his parents in the first mod

  3. Whoever reading this. Don't give up. Hustle everyday.

  4. Why didn't you included b3 remixes mod

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