This FNF Mod is CRINGE... Buffet Night Burstin' -

This FNF Mod is CRINGE… Buffet Night Burstin’

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This FNF Mod is CRINGE… Buffet Night Burstin’
This video is obviously satire. Please don’t be offended if you are feel free to reach out I’ll take the vid down. NGL tho it is pretty funny XD.

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  1. when i was
    a young boy
    my father
    took me into the city
    to see a marvhing band
    he said son when
    you grow up
    will you be
    the savior of the broken
    the beaten and the damned

  2. Bro Neko Seek is better 💀 💀 💀 💀

  3. Nikocado avocado ahh mod 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  4. It'd probably be a bit more bearable if the music and chromatics were actually decent.

  5. Yeah has anyone seen my eyes? Oh wait. They were disintegrated into dust because of this mod

  6. I dont like the last music it gives me nightmares even the second song

  7. In the 3rd phase, Boyfriend us traumatized about what's happening

    So are we, Boyfriend, so are we

  8. is it a fetish mod or weird tastes what do you expect? that you like it well no, but the people who publish this to the public are causing real problems….well they will want to look for that also out of curiosity

  9. It’s just GF until the cringe starts.. 😬

  10. Who can survive from a stomach explosion? Only a cartoon girl WTF

  11. Gf
    made me go

  12. Whenever I was watching this I Felt like I’m doing something unholy

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