These are The MOST SUS FNF Mods you will EVER see. -

These are The MOST SUS FNF Mods you will EVER see.

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these are the MOST SUS fnf mods you will EVER see. 18+ YEARS RECOMMENDED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. if you are under 18 years old you might have to skip this video kid. 😂

Eye-catcher Bbpanzu Derpixon mod –

Dexplication video –

s3x fnf mod –

Friday Night Funkin’ – Psych Engine

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Negwrounds ~

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Itchio ~

outro ~

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin


  1. FNF Haters:Fnf Is For Kids
    The FNF Modders:

  2. Game developers JIT Trippin. The first one was based on the actual P hub video

  3. Scariest part is that he blacked out the screen, not heavily blurred… *blacked* out the screen

    It was so bad, he thought that YouTube would burst into flames with blurry footage

  4. bruh just go to settings and restrict the video to over 18

  5. When he got to the sex mod I was laughing so hard😂😂😂

  6. the first mod he play in this its a animation on corn hub


    I will never ever watch this kind of videos EVER EVER AGAIN…..

  8. I saw the original mod 😰 its so strange

  9. am 10 yrs old i dont care i like this stuff

  10. Susisususuusususususussusususususususususususususususususuususususususususususuusus

  11. “oh my god” was said more than 100 times
    “no” was said so much i couldn’t count
    “why’d you make this mod” was also said so much i couldn’t count

  12. RIQOOOOOOOOS. I saw the mods, and I am grossed out of humanity

  13. 12:40 I found a new TechnoBlade. He is really sounded like TechnoBlade lol. But I really mean it he is sounded like TechnoBlade. I guess new Legend was born.

  14. I will find this mod creator and pay him to make more of these mods but put MrDaBauilder and sillyfangirl and what's the creator's number

  15. why didn't he not just make it an official 18+ vid but not censor it is my question

  16. «𖣘𝒦ℯ𝓃𝓈𝒽𝓊𝒾𖣘« says:

    Gimme da damn link 😂

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