The Return Of Garcello FULL WEEK – FNF MOD -

The Return Of Garcello FULL WEEK – FNF MOD

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  1. I love how he messed up in the second song a restarted, it made me laugh when I was crying

  2. Hello hi mommy hello hi sonic hi hi hello hi

  3. My favorite fnf charecter is garcello duh

  4. And zardy and garcello voice are pretty same

  5. Gooooooodssssssss,😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  6. I'm salute to garcello he touch my hearth and relax it if this song I heard

  7. Красный Аколит Хашута says:

    Увидимся на "той стороне", Гарцелло). Когда встретимся, чизбургер, фри и бутылка пивасика за мой счёт)

  8. It’s all fun and games until BF somehow befriends sonic.exe

    (Because he managed to befriend Zardy)

  9. Idk why but whitty is standing backwards loll

  10. Bf: I even brought my freinds. Whitty and zardy: :/

  11. Garcello make me play fnf all day hes a true legend

  12. Sarvente sounds like a horn at nerves😂😂

  13. اسطورة النار:ماميدو says:

    مود اسطوري 👍👍👍

  14. Garcello Is my favorite character in fnf (and tricky) my Heart Is broke because he is dead😢❤

  15. how GF seems annoyed in the first cutscene
    and how BF seems like he's actually as tall as Garcello

  16. Garcello is my all time fav fnf chracter and it will be for years

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