TABI: Original VS Rework | FNF Mods -

TABI: Original VS Rework | FNF Mods

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Headphones Recommended for the Dialogue Sections!
WARNING: VS Tabi may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Friday Night Funkin’ Mods: A comparison of the old/previous version of VS Tabi Ex-Boyfriend (from a year ago) and the new/latest version. This shows off the differences between the two versions, including new assets, charting, art, cutscenes, and dialogue. Hope you enjoy!


V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend[UPDATE] –
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00:00 Dialogue 1 (Use headphones for Dialogue Sections!)
03:10 Song 1 – My Battle
05:05 Dialogue 2
06:15 Song 2 – Last Chance
08:19 Dialogue 3 / Cutscene
10:34 Song 3 – Genocide
13:00 End


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  1. Tabi's detonator in the rework's cutscene isn't the one he holds during Genocide, and I can't unsee that

  2. The Rework was more better you can feel Tabi's suffering and pain and understand it more and boyfriend is more tougher

  3. I can see how much the difficulty has decreased with the removal of layered notes like in genocide

  4. All of that pent up rage in Tabi's voice really shines in the new update. I didn't think his voice could get even better but it's so freaking amazing!

  5. Here’s a few differences:
    Dialogue art
    First room change
    Dialogue length
    Tabi French’s other mods
    My battle:
    The icon
    Gf has a new nervous expression
    Reserved signs
    Tabi moves smoother
    Tabi is taller
    Bf isn’t nervous
    Tabi uses hold notes
    Last chance:
    No huge jacks
    New perspective:
    Gf giving off more voice
    Tabi being a little bit more caring of other people
    Shaking isn’t as agressive
    Gf’s hand at her face
    Tabi shaking isn’t as aggressive
    Bar shakes
    Not as much double hold notes
    Tear in the table
    The reason the mod got cancelled is gone
    Only Tabi has the finishing notes

  6. I think the only things i see between the Original and Rework is the cutscenes, so far as i see the Original is that the diner place looks fine while the Rework looks really fancy and the dialogues all the way to Genocide in Rework was real long but hard than ever, still this was a successful comparison Serkoid, because no matter what you're the man

  7. I love this mod and I hope you remember me in ur sky stream Serkoid 😀

  8. Tabi Rework Is definitely better than the original its has better dialogue better background and better chart than the old one and I like the new cutscene more and I like the new tabi animation more but I wish they kept bf being scared of tabi

  9. Return of the king for real this time
    Edit: i mean serkoid tabi can die in toaster

  10. They definitely made this legendary mod even better

  11. So I downloaded the mod and when I go to play one of the songs it says value unexpected

  12. tabi Rework FNF 👋💪⭐👍💛💚💙🧡🤍🖤

  13. This is my personal opinion but, the original is better in both cutscenes and animations, the update has only added more text and a bit of crooked drawing and animation.

  14. so there something missing on the rework so tabi is missing losing icon

  15. Pta mi audicular se escucha de un lado

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