Starman Slaughter but Black Hat sings it (FNF Cover) [+ Chromatic Download] -

Starman Slaughter but Black Hat sings it (FNF Cover) [+ Chromatic Download]

Exetior the Archdemon
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¡First cover of the year!, suscribe and like for more Villainous Funkin content. Discover the ultimate karting showdown in smash karts io, where speed meets strategy in a thrilling multiplayer experience. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey into karting mayhem!

Original song by: Sandi
Flp by: Cyber Tryzoid

Special thanks to my friends @AzamiHigashikata & @CIVK1NG for making the chromatic scale of Black Hat, Dr. Flug, and Miss Heed here.

Download Here:

Soundfonts and Chromatics:

Mods Used:

Friday Night Funkin’: Mario’s Madness

Villainous Funkin:
[Coming Soon 2024]

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  1. How about finn exe princess Bubblegum exe jake exe starman slaughter cover 1:12

  2. Amigo podrías hacer una versión de todo mario Madness pero con los personajes de The loud house versión.exe y con lincoln y Stella siendo los protagonistas

  3. I wonder what the hell did Miss Heed witht he brainwashed flug pulled to remove temporary Black Hat from scene.My best bet is that they somehow forced Black Hat to be summoned far away while blasting away Dementia… Like that's the only weakness Black Hat has right? He can be summoned against his will.

  4. I got a idea for a cover i hate you but miss heed and doctor flug

  5. XD black hat realmente xd mandaria a la chingada a todos o simplemente anda aburrido xd

  6. Eldritch Black Hat will work For True Squidward is the Supreme Creator.

  7. Black Hat: finalmente, un digno rival, nuestra batalla sera legendaria!

  8. Request all star cover from mario madness v2 please!


  10. yooo, this is sick! how do i make gravely voice chromatics like this bro?

  11. Duude, we totally need a huge cartoon network mod with black hat as the main opponent

  12. Imposible, Black HAT no tiene rival, la unica cosa cercana a un rival que pudo llegar a tener es una tableta que Flug le regalo XD

  13. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Hoarse grandpa molested on the bus be like :

  15. Encaja tan perfectamente que si se hace un cover de all-stars quedara muy bueno

  16. las vocales de black hat es tan increibles

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