Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin' VR Part.2 - (VRChat: FNF Mods) -

Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin’ VR Part.2 – (VRChat: FNF Mods)

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Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin’ VR Part.2 – (VRChat: FNF Mods) Sonic.exe is stronger then we thought. PapaFearGaming struggles to fight sonic as he changes into his final 2 forms, Majin Sonic… and… find out in todays new Friday Night Funkin’ VRChat episode!

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PFG Model by –
PFG Power up Model by –
Voice over by Chuck Fresh –

Model by Slushie –
Actors in this video (Show them some love!):
Godzilla (Sonic.EXE) –
Ashella (Body actor/GF) –
Mahershl (Body actor/BF)
Raven (Body actor/Sonic)


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    Endless is my favorite song!

  2. stop showing girlfriend nobody wants to see her

  3. Can you please make a video of how to play VR chat because I don't have a VR but for my birthday I'm going to get one so I need you to show me how to use a VR

  4. this is funny i wish i could have vids like this

  5. Majin is my favorite song with the sonic trollface

  6. These 2 Sonic's would also win… probably not Majin… but definitely Lord X

  7. Lord X Animation In Vr What The Hell Why He Dont Have MicroPhone And Is Funny Animation

  8. Flippy and tord: why are we still not a video?!? Papa!!!

  9. can i plzzz have a shoutout i have subed and liked :}

  10. Majin sonic looks dumb of the hair lol but its good papafear!

  11. I like this song and I like the Lord X moves

  12. so you can also get to know if you have to go to the point where we are going to be able and I will be able to get the job description

  13. sonic and lord x are both really nicely put together…
    im afraid i cant say the same for majin. his proportions are tottaly off and hes ALOT less bouncy on his animations

  14. He fought only clones, the sonic showed for being fooled, hear me, he never gives up. And next time he would not just sing.

  15. I live you papa I'm exited by every vid and it's so good

  16. I didnt like when majin sonic was saying I AM GOD quote.
    Only Sonic.exe or X does say that.
    But that didnt stop me from liking the video.

  17. Enjoy the epic conclusion to the SONIC SAGA! But how will it end? 😵 Watch the whole thing to find out!

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