SONIC.EXE: Original VS Redone | FNF Mods -

SONIC.EXE: Original VS Redone | FNF Mods

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Friday Night Funkin’ Mods/Cover: FNF You Can’t Run but it’s a Sonic.EXE and Redone Sonic.EXE Cover. A comparison of Original Sonic.EXE’s sprites and (Fanmade) Redone Sonic.EXE’s Sprites. Hope you enjoy!

How did I not see this reskin before, I’m 3 months late but hey, better late than never.


Sonic.EXE Redone –
Redone Sprites by –
You Can’t Run composed by @MarStarBro –
High-Effort Sonic EXE Port –
Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.Exe (UPDATE 2 OUT) –
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  1. I honestly prefer the redone one, although I'm also looking forward to seeing the new sprites in the 3.0 update.

  2. This what I would do if I unlocked the ability to clone myself

  3. The redone version looks so accurate from the cutscene before You Can't Run lol

  4. I’m gonna be completely honest the redone one is 100% better since it’s more worked than the original

  5. 0:57 Probably the only time we get to see sonic’s normal pixelated icon

  6. I prefer the old one, the new canon sprites are always better1!1!1!1

  7. Wait, so is this being remade because of the Revie incident? Just wondering

  8. Me gusta el nuevo pero pa mi gusto lo hicieron un toque mas grande que el original :p

  9. I thought the new version looked better in terms of sprite movements, but V2’s idle looked weirdly smooth and I didn’t like it much

  10. Me having a arguement with myself after I got mad at someone:

  11. Confronting yourself but it's literally confronting yourself

  12. Tbh, I never really understood the sprites for this song. They made EXE do a weird thing with his fingers that looks like he’s abt to snap.

  13. I like the idle for the original better but damn the redone sprites are good

  14. Sonic exe og Oh great another fucking copy


  15. Tbh i wish they could of just tweaked the current phase 2 exe instead of redoing it

  16. The only thing that sucks of redone is the idle.

  17. Are the voices the same as normal EXE or separate?

  18. i remember the old you cant run animations and even older

  19. Idea:
    Sanic.exe – vs sonic.exe
    And sanic – ytp invasion
    Sing confronting yourself

  20. Redone is pretty dope af, love that note animation where he looms over to scare the opponent at 1:54, the rest of the animations are really smooth too!

  21. hmm the new one because the art masterpiece is just SO PERFECT

  22. Can we get a dialogue for these two just for fun

  23. Please get rid of the dabbing sonic moveset.

  24. Por favor que siga siendo igual …el remake se ve muy grande y con una cara que ni da miedo ..sino pena

  25. Jason The ultimate powerful Titan 2021 says:

    It’s just 2 pixal sonics but no remake pixal sonic exe

  26. Isnt redone sonic.exe from hill of the void?

  27. honestly the original is better because redone idle is moving to fast also the redone does not have much blood

  28. The genesis sprite always confused me since it doesn't quite make sense
    He has normal eyes yet he still has the gaps in his mouth sure you could make the argument that it's supposed to look fake like the faker sonic
    However faker sonic is supposed to be designed that way as its supposed to look like sonic but with small alterations in his design to make him uncanny

  29. While the redone version is spookier as many say, his proportions don't feel right to me with his bigger body, head and all, not to mention the smoother animations just aren't doing it for me. I personally prefer the original version more since he's more scarier fot me and his janky and quick animations are much more cooler to look at (though it does make him look goofy).

    Both are good in their own ways though I'll give it that, the redone version's artwork is astounding and he looks threatening in his poses. Needless to say, I prefer the original but the redone design has its merits.

  30. Personally I like the Idle stance and laughing of the original but prefer the sprite directions of the remake

  31. To be honest, I like left one better cuz his little dance is just hilarious to me

  32. I think the song sounds weirdly better with two sonics

  33. There's a fate worse than death parts

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