RUV'S PARENTS COMEBACK?! | FNF: Handziverse Demo [FNF Mods | Hard] -

RUV’S PARENTS COMEBACK?! | FNF: Handziverse Demo [FNF Mods | Hard]

Lizzy Strawberry
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“Man this mod is ASS”
– @handzy4698 2023

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00:00 – Misses and Death Screens
01:08 – All 4 Title Screens
02:15 – Main Menu + Freeplay
02:33 – Hydrangea (Tutorial)
04:20 – Jailbreak (Hard)
06:40 – Sci-fi Showdown (Hard)
07:41 – Michael Interferes
08:30 – Back to Esyzka
08:57 – Snippet of TC Showdown (Sci-fi Showdown Cover)
09:28 – Credits

Oh yea I also worked on this


  1. This one is pretty amazing. I've played it and it's amazing

  2. Ok so I’m confused about the Jailbreak Song…..What is Krusveto (White-Haired on the Left) doing with Rschvania (Blue-Haired on the Right)? Is he asking her something or what? I’m Confused 🫤

  3. I didn't like the jailbreak ones because ruv's mother in a jail and his parents look different

  4. If any of you are curious what Krusveto said to Rschvania translates to "it's a bitch" in Russian.

  5. You guys will play this mod in one hand, that's how wild it is

  6. Cursed Starflight From Somewhere On The Internet says:

    Why is it premium during my class

  7. Damn, It was worth waiting, good music and good oc's

  8. This demo is a 10/10, too bad when I was playing it I was lagging way too much but it's still good👍

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