1) Who we are

Tori Game is a small Game Development studio based in France.

2) What we do

We aim at making small and simple games for the Web and Mobile platforms.

3) Cookie

Some of our games may use local user's storage like cookies to improve gaming experience and temporary store some informations on user's devices.

4) Which data we collect

Tori Games may collect your E-mail, Facebook name and profile picture but does not store it.

5) What we do with your data

Tori Games does not collect any personnal datas other that may improve the user's gaming experience. Datas that may only be collected for that purpose.

Tori Games respect your privacy and won't use your E-mail and personnal data other than to send you news letter (if you subscribed to) or contact you regarding our games issues.

Tori Games will never share your personal data e.g. E-mail id, Contact Number with any third party.

6) Contact

For any questions or issues regarding our games and/or activities, please e-mail us at

7) Our advertising partners

Tori Games may display some paid advertisements on its website or games, which may lead you to some external websites, apps or content. We are not responsible for this external content that should have their own privacy policy

Facebook, one of our third-party advertisers, may add cookies to determine targeted advertisements based on your preferences or profile. Check for more informations about their Privacy Policy.

Last update: 2019/07/06

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