Plant vs Zombies react to Plants vs Rappers(FNF mod)||My AU|| Cringe||XxKingXx||Credit to @Flippy -

Plant vs Zombies react to Plants vs Rappers(FNF mod)||My AU|| Cringe||XxKingXx||Credit to @Flippy

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Ships in the video
-Repeater x Snow Pea
-Peashooter x Sunflower
-Gatling Pea z Fire Pea

I’m sorry again for not posting in over a month
School and homework


  1. Peashooter is lying he can sing but he's to shy to tell sunflower btw sunflower he might like u 😁

  2. Do ship's peashooter x sunflower 😂😂😂

  3. Does Anyone Need Help From Me Call Me If Theres Zombies On Plants Vs Zombies Game The Original

  4. zjksksksksldkslslskdk KKK krkkr krkkrk o Léo krkrk sol pro ltkfoto ?


  6. Well how did Bf always win? Becus he is a master of rappers and by the way becus he sound so amazing and perfect at's singing so that becus everyone die becus him! And again maybe Gf give power to him maybe so bye just that what i know😁😁😁😁

  7. i jsut wounder how bf is dodging all the bullets

  8. They forgot repeater was actually the gatling pea

  9. Also can you make sunflowfever
    Actually heals and shoot fire balls
    Loves to kill zombies
    Bf or gf:unknown

  10. Why are they mad the zombies are just vibin in the background

  11. Thank goodness you have your hands down the wall in my house you have no reason why it doesn’t look great to your body your time your body and you have your own eyes you have a heart and you have to do what you’re going on your heart your time to

  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja . . .

  13. Snow pea and fire pea are not girls there are boy

  14. Nono the fire pea gots a point also idk why but when she waved the flag idk why I felt a rush of excitement

  15. Looks just like normal people but okay

  16. GF:Of course you loose Plant, cause this is BF game not your game, Plant.

  17. Peashooter is gailiing pea or repeater is gailiing pea?

  18. why is gf call everyone zombies to make everyone angry?

  19. Please do this again but accept corrupted

  20. 5:02 PQ se pone triste si sólo es un vídeo y el está bien … 😔😔

  21. Boyfriend zombie: Has sido engañado por una trampa tan simple

  22. the peashooters are cursed as heck

  23. first were the hell is electro and primal and shadow


  25. Bf is known as the legendary singer and even hes a zombie

  26. The reason how they lost in bad bash was all the fog the zombies brought in. The plants slowly died of the fog

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