Peter, What Are You Doing? But It's a FNF Mod -

Peter, What Are You Doing? But It’s a FNF Mod

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Boy this is worse than the time I was in a friday night funkin mod.

Ah yes, my favorite show called Family Guy where they together with Dave and Bambi have an amazing funky time out in the sky that is blue. Kinda like the Bambi expunged mod with the really fast candy but instead of that they got Bandu!

This is definetly where the funny Peter Griffin doesn’t eats a bunch of healthy rice cakes. Those rice cakes might lead to Dave and the gang having to learn some algebra but nobody likes algebra, especially Bandu’s applecore. Who wants some of my beloved sink chowder?

Thank you for all the support!

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin


original tweet by @aidenluvscats:
art by @RandomIncIsDead:
chord progression score by @aytanner_ :
drum loop sample by @ayybeff:

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  1. the fact that Dave and Joe are just chillin together makes this greater

  2. Peter literally sounds like half the beats in fuckin angel island zone

  3. ooh if this is gonna be real, add dave and that other wheelchair guy who i forgot what their name was

  4. Love how dave is in this because joe and dave have wheelchairs

  5. this would be like
    500 times better without dave and bambi in it

  6. Someone please play this at my funeral on loop for exactly 69 minutes

  7. No ever thingvshoud be fnf no rock eye brow

  8. Love that there is Dave here

  9. We need a full version of the song

    Edit: nvm, its here

  10. Jeez they really will make a mod out anything at this point

  11. what does dave have to do anything with this lmao

  12. Can you try to make the twitter argument a real mod and more songs


    Im not smoking crack bryan im funkin crack

  14. Dude someone called aidenluvscats what the heck that’s so similar to my name

  15. is no one gonna mention how cute dave looks in this person's artstyle

  16. Congrats on 70k Subs ✨✨✨🎆🎇✨🎆✨🎇🎇

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