Peter, What Are You Doing? But It's a FNF Mod -

Peter, What Are You Doing? But It’s a FNF Mod

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Boy this is worse than the time I was in a friday night funkin mod.

Ah yes, my favorite show called Family Guy where they together with Dave and Bambi have an amazing funky time out in the sky that is blue. Kinda like the Bambi expunged mod with the really fast candy but instead of that they got Bandu!

This is definetly where the funny Peter Griffin doesn’t eats a bunch of healthy rice cakes. Those rice cakes might lead to Dave and the gang having to learn some algebra but nobody likes algebra, especially Bandu’s applecore. Who wants some of my beloved sink chowder?

Thank you for all the support!

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin


original tweet by @aidenluvscats:
art by @RandomIncIsDead:
chord progression score by @aytanner_ :
drum loop sample by @ayybeff:

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  1. i cant cus im 8 watch family guy but just like to say … YOUR ART IS AMAZING EVRY LITEL DETAILL IS MWA CHEFS KISS 💘❤💌

  2. It reminds me of first part looks like endless fnf

  3. The thing that throws me off is the fact that they look like 3d models from a weird perspective

  4. i hate the fact that this is so good please help me.

  5. Peter: gets shot
    Dave: funkin' depressed

  6. It sounds so familar. Can someone tell me whats this tune os related to?

  7. Will you make this into a mod now that you hit 70k subscribers like you said

  8. peters right pose: you want some?

  9. dave and joe were just hangin in the wheelchair club

  10. "Peter what are you doing?"
    "WHAT THE FU-"
    proceeds to drop hot bars

  11. Peter what are you doing crack what the fu- begins to rap battle

  12. Only true boners remember when this was called “Peter smokes crack but it’s an fnf mod”

  13. I haven't sung since I rapped with brian

  14. People fighting about crack or alcohol is better.

  15. I was loving this until i realized ur the “nfts arent so bad” guy

  16. I swear the FNF Community could make a song for a mod where you battle a field of grass land still make it be a banger. Good work as always.

  17. Peter's vocals are just autotuned voice lines of CRACK.

  18. Brian: peter what are you doing
    Peter: CRAK
    Brian: WHAT THE FU-
    Peter: drops bars
    Peter 20 seconds later: turn supernatural
    Dave and wheelchair man (Iike him as wheelchair man) is there
    Wheelchair: meh stay Dave
    peter : AAAA AAAUH AGHH UUHG uhh ooh noo ohh
    Dave: what

  19. peter,what are you doing?
    peter randomly starts explaining the fnaf lore
    alright then…

  20. Guys can somebody give me the mod download link please?

  21. I want this as an actual mod now, this song is dope, is that how you spell it

  22. 70k subs = I make the FULL mod❤️
    YouTube is being weird so,
    Make sure to LIKE this video to help it boost through the algorithm🍏
    (Spent alot of time on this vid)

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