Peter Tries Crack: Original VS Redone | FNF Mods -

Peter Tries Crack: Original VS Redone | FNF Mods

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Fanmade Remastered Reskin by @5bucks –

Friday Night Funkin’ Mods: A side-by-side comparison of the Original “Peter Tries Crack” Mod and Hq33m/@5bucks’s Fanmade “Peter Tries Crack” Remaster/Redone Skin mod.
So 5bucks reached out to me on Discord asking for a showcase of his reskin, so here ya go, sorry for taking 2 months lol. This video just serves as a filler while I cook up a cover, that should hopefully come out tomorrow, so look forward to that. Hope you enjoy!


Original Song by @__demonkitty__ –
Peter smoking crack but its an actual FNF mod –
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  1. The new version perfectly captures the show’s art style! 10/10!

  2. 10/10 the remake is better, more because of the smooth animation it now has. 💪

  3. I freaking love this, FG deserves a bit more attention in the modding community imo

  4. Love how the first one is a neat mix of both styles while the other nails the show's art so well lmao. I don't think there is much to compare else so to me both are very awesome in unique ways, massive props to the modders!

  5. Im going for the remake because that looks more like the real show ^w^

  6. The Redone really looks super accurate to the style of Family Guy. Love it! 👍

  7. Can you make Sky & ski & bf sings godrays please?

    Instead of sonic and tails its cuphead and mugman
    And instead of mario and Luigi
    Its sans and papyrus

  9. Such a masterpiece of a mod I love it with all my heart

  10. The first one is just a Mod Of Gramapple’s Sprites.

  11. I like remake better than the original

  12. Friday Night Funkin’ Shipgirl Scramble – Rin Hates Chili Dogs

  13. The Remastered One Looks Like It From The Real Show

  14. The original is more expressive, and the remake looks closer to the original show.

  15. imo, the old one's poses gave them a lot of character.

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