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Mime n Dash | FNF Mods

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these assets and music are like over 2 years old

OLD Soundcloud-

Q: What do you use to animate?
A: Adobe Animate

Q: Do you use a graphic tablet?
A: yes!!!

Q: Can you give me a shout-out
A: no

Q: How old are you?
A: 19 (120 in dec 5th, 2023)

Q: Email?
A: [email protected]

Q: What program for music
A: FL Studio 12 or Famitracker

Q: How did you come up with the name “bbpanzu”?
A: It’s a long story

Q: Can i use your music?
A: sure! just give me credit

Q: Can i use your animations on a compilation
A: sure! just give credit

Q: can i be in your animations?
A: no


  1. This is pretty great but I think a few new routines for the animation would help quite a bit. It just looks a bit strange what they keep doing the exact same skit over and over again.

  2. Question is how she floating-

  3. My question is why do they have physics you’ve never walked on walls?

  4. good song nothing is sussy about the character🗿

  5. Guys bbpanzu becomes 120 in the 5th of December 2023 😭

  6. Omg these characters are so cute, are they from something or original?

  7. Oye una pregunta, ¿lo que aparece en el video es un mod o es una animación? porque si es el segundo te quedó demasiado bien, tanto de que es difícil decir si es una animación con juego real pero si en realidad es un mod me podrías decir como se llama porque es que lo quiero y por cierto sobre Bluey, no tengo ni pinche idea de quien es

  8. bbpanzu the second he turns 18 is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen

  9. I’m kinda suprised they didn’t trip with how much they where moving.
    Talented bunch they are

  10. Idk i enjoy the original from derpixon 😅 personally

  11. kids don't use Google lens it's bad for health😊

  12. that one pose looks fairly different, are they cutting a log using saws?

  13. For the love of God do not try to find the original animation for this mod

  14. The fact that the blue hoodie guy behind boyfriend literally reminds me of a very old oc I used to have-

  15. Fue divertido hacer un bonito dibujo en homenaje a estas dos payas.

  16. Dime una chamba por favor y me alcanza para el televisor Dame una chamba por favor para poner mis mejores skin

  17. En efecto el piso esta hecho de piso

  18. Ok thats smart using wooshes, matches the mime aesthetic

  19. The lil touch of making their beep/boops silent because mimes is such a cool detail!

  20. u "fnf not for kids" ppl gettin on my nerves

    4 likes and I'll do a Bluey mod

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