MARIO GOES CRAZY! Friday Night Funkin MARIO.EXE Cursed Week... FNF Mods 107 -

MARIO GOES CRAZY! Friday Night Funkin MARIO.EXE Cursed Week… FNF Mods 107

SuperDog Tyler
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Today Im back with FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods and play fnf Mario.exe mod! Mario.exe is like Sonic.exe but with MARIO GOING INSANE…
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Friday Night Funkin Fnf Sonic.exe mod is created by
RightBurstUltra & Others

Play the FNF Sonic exe mod here ►

Friday Night Funkin Fnf Mario.exe mod is created by TrevorKraftYT

Play the FNF Sonic exe mod here ►

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  1. And besides that SpongeBob laugh that's not even SpongeBob that's really Mario holding a gun A gun isn't that Shadow the Hedgehog thing

  2. Did you hear that oh Hollyhi. The song The second one

  3. i love how skunky mario is based of SMG4's Mario ( The Spaghetti Addiction )

  4. Wait… isn’t mario.exe the same thing as sonic.exe

  5. AYO it’s just a skin cover for sonic.exe

  6. ประติกาน แก้ววิชัย says:

    Sonic หรือเปล่า เป็นมาริโอ้

  7. It looks like sonic EXE but it’s mario and also Luigi

  8. Because he likes pasta and he's an Italian man

  9. i like your videos so much im going to like and subscribe 100000000000000 time

  10. This is too slow originally from sonic exe mod. Look for this mod. It is way better than this


  12. Luigi voice is replaced by trickys voice

  13. Cloudy masterpiece and REDACTED PANDA BEAR] says:

    Refrence :
    Sonic exe cutscene(Mario’s way)Mario exe, wario,too slow, Mario’s world,red mic,Luigi,a Mario exe pic-?,too slow awesome part,sonic exe cutscene 2 (Mario’s way)
    Endless remix sounding, super Mario 64,endless stage infinite,Luigi,WOOHOO!,,wahaa!,diff arrows? (Comment below who you think these arrows belong too…)
    Cycles (old… I forgot what the elf name of this was…!), dead Luigi but colored differently,a deep world ig…,”.exe” = exe,lava
    Milk song ,sunkys background, SpongeBob laugh, Mario with a gun,

  14. Brrr to come back babes I'm going out and smoking out

  15. She tellin me how she feels to buy d cake mix recipes for food cm out of it easy to get rest the building and d lady telling you about it later today or tomorrow morning Mr Rogers neighborhood

  16. The mod itself looks great, epically the sprite models however I'd LOVE to see it's own version of vs mario.exe in a mod

    Sorry for the critique but I'd be amazing to see an original mario.exe mod

  17. Helix: this is the Sonic exe mod
    7:07 Helix: Sounds like Accelerant

  18. What's going on with Luigi's eyes and I mean in the first act

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