literally the BEST fnf mod you might EVER play (Indie Cross) -

literally the BEST fnf mod you might EVER play (Indie Cross)

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literally the BEST fnf mod you might EVER play (Indie Cross)
yeah. if this isn’t the best Friday Night Funkin’ mod, it is definitely ONE OF the best. can’t wait for the rest of the weeks for indie cross to be released!

play the mod here –
Friday Night Funkin’ Indie Cross

community game’s indie cross video

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Negwrounds ~

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Itchio ~

outro ~

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  1. Cuphead you smug bastard! You just called that Blue haired giga normie a geese!

  2. a little sad because you didn't care bendy (I haven't seen the full video yet) I loved your reaction :]

  3. Too bad you couldn’t finish it but overall i liked seeing you react! Nice job!

  4. Yo Riqo community game was on an older version of the game now if you beat all songs on hard you unlock nightmare songs which are seriously the best tracks in the mod I ain't lyin, you don't gotta beat all the songs on hard but definitely give them a watch. Second thing dying on bonedogle and typing gose on the extra songs unlocks 2 secret songs.

  5. that stickman is from a series somebody made based off bendy and the ink machine

  6. Remember when MORO did BATIM parody animations? Good old days…

  7. IM BACK FOR MORE UNDERTALE LORE (see riqos skeleton bros vid).
    Sansational is a pun on sensational, because Sans likes puns

  8. I like this best mod ever! I play wait all people 2 or 3 Month I love this song This Banger. I like your reacting

  9. The 4th song is playable in bendy’s week only in hard or free play

  10. That dumb roblox sky kid called Deirdre ☠️💩 says:

    That wasn't Chara that was Frisk/Kris and Chara and Frisk/Kris's genders are he/she and they/them but I dunno why is it how you pronounce their gender other people might be confused about what I'm saying but me to I'm confused about what I'm saying by the way Sans is a Darkner but how did Sans escape to the surface because Darkners can't leave the underground because they're connected to the Dark fountain and the reason why Darkners can't escape to the surface is something to do with the Dark fountain in Deltarune.

  11. That dumb roblox sky kid called Deirdre ☠️💩 says:

    *puts phone close to ear to hear music*

  12. Also the sans one dont miss the
    Blue/orange bone note
    Only hit the orange bone note

  13. Because I'm one of those people "Cuphead has one of the best OSTs in gaming" I've never heard anything about the Cuphead OST being a majour part of it's experience, but I have heard about it's award for best original music. However things like Undertale, the Persona Series, and Final Fantasy are all known for their amazing music before almost anything else about them along with music awards. Cuphead is definitely known more for it's difficulty and amazing graphics/art style.

  14. Yo mate, Just wanted to let ya know know that Frisk and Chara are both Uncomfirmed in gender so most people just use they/them for them! 😀 however it doesn't really matter what pronouns you use for them!

  15. Homie the one in the purple and pink sweater is Frisk 😭 Chara has a green and yellow sweater
    [You should play undertale and learn the lore, like really it's a really fun game, no hate dawg]
    Frisk (the one you're seeing) goes by they/them since their a genderless child
    Chara's ones aren't really know, homie <he/him><she/her><they/them>, aren't really confusing, like if someone asked yours it would probably be him/him

  16. It's the best mod that's for sure but for me at least a close second is artistic altitude it's so good and underrated

  17. "Did we go underground or something like that?" Dude you're in undertale you're already underground tbh

  18. Good, but charting needs serious work.

  19. axe guy from the extra song, his name is samuel

  20. The title: exists.
    Blueballs Incident: am I a joke to you?

  21. noticed that all the characters in this mod sorta have the same smile?

  22. cuphead hard mode has no insta kill notes and if you attack sans you will unlock the bad ending for the sans week you wont just die instantly

  23. the bouns bendy song (with bendy) is called build are mashine.

  24. Who else had flashbacks when they heard the extra Bendy song?

  25. Ch-are-uh vs Care-uh does not matter at all.

    Loved cuphead in this, though I liked Bendy's songs the most gameplay wise.

  26. Bulid our machine and can I get a amen are the reference songs from dagames for freaky machine

  27. Yo there’s a new mod out that you should check out sometime. It’s called Funkdela Catalogue, and it’s not insanely difficult so it’ll be a solid mod to play without taking hours to beat

  28. If you liked the song in Freaky Machine you should watch DAgames songs for Bendy, because they were based off of those.

  29. Just let you know “ritual” is in the lore at the first chapter at the end you find a ritual and the guy who has a axe is named sammy and he worship bendy like a bendy is a god

  30. bendy is not really a game with good with music, but the sound design REALLY makes up for it. It really builds tension and adds so much atmosphere.

  31. In true Sans fashion, he starts off with his hardest stuff first.

  32. have you seen that there is a mood about wimpy kid, those songs are fire

  33. "This is t-. I think this is literally the best mod I've played in a long time" Mans really said that like a million times the same exact way💀

    Edit: Also think it would be cool to see u play bendy and the ink machine but if u arent the guy to like lore puzzle games kinda like poppy's playtime( which was fine not my favorite type of gameplay) but think it would be something to see u try it and if u take this for consideration make sure if u dont like the game while playing it then u dont have to play it. Other than that enjoy ur day

    (Another thing to keep note of is that the game was in early progress so it make not be the same as when u watched someone play it becuz of the updates)

  34. I think that in terms of undertale mechanics, a beautifully day outside is the best one

  35. Im just going to mention this in order to unlock the fourth bendy song in the week is playing it on hard difficulty, you cant unlock it through normal or easy i believe (idk because I knocked every week on hard so idk if thats really how the song is unlocked)

  36. You should play the games or watch a play through of the games and Cuphead sound much like the show

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