Kevin The Cube But It's a FNF Mod -

Kevin The Cube But It’s a FNF Mod

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Oh nah Kevin the cube from Fortnite? Wanna make it a friday night funkin mod?

This friday night funkin upload contains one of the songs from the kevin the cube fnf concept mod. This lead me to making an fnf interpretation of the twitter argument video. The way i went along with this interpretation was kinda like the Peter smokes crack where he has a classic twitter argument.

Also apparently the new VS Whitty – Definitive Edition has been leaked out which im really excited about which also has this new character called julian which is really cool. The same Online VS Edd, Tord and Uberkids from Pico’s School or Eddsworld whichever one you’d consider.

Now that i think about it i should really get around to playing those songs.
This reminds me alot of the fortnite whitty chug jug with you stuff i made, way back. What if ialso made a one out of midas? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for all the support!

COOL 3D INTRO made by Tehzo:

Audio from Scaneade1:

Inspired by Mayokiddo:

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin

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  1. Bf playin fortnite while BF DROP SOME FIREBARS

  2. If boyfriend had a picaxe that would be COOL but you dont need add this

  3. Kevin is the best and only good character from fortnite

  4. I am a og in fornite and I remember this when Kevin the cube came to the Island

  5. If this was an actual mod then there should be death notes that kill you

  6. LOL PURPLE CUBE FNF CONFIMR!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. man going watch a rock fall down a hill a sing against it

  8. I like that Kevins electricity goes away when he's not singing because it only happens when he's active and not when he's just sitting down

  9. I think I would turn this into a fnf mod called Friday night loopers

  10. idea: do the same with the defeat music of the amongus mod, if you miss you die, and kevin could play lightning on BF (curiosity: I'm from Brazil)

  11. IS THAT THE GUY FROM FORTNITE!!!1!!!!1!!1!1!1?

  12. somethink it backgroun it games henrystick min

  13. The death screen should be kevin crushing bf

  14. Song name recommendations:
    Song 1: Gravity
    Song 2: Depth
    Song 3: Width
    Song 4: Knockback

  15. kinda remind me nycto phobia from fnf out of reality

  16. why does kevin always get the sickest beats?

  17. Wait what the heck why do I actually wanna play this

  18. Why isn’t this a real mod? This is amazing!

  19. This should be a real mod and the song should be called thunderclap and have lightning notes you have to hit at one point

  20. Shoulda added the lightning marks from the cacti that got struck before kevin we summoned

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