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I’m trying to learn how to make FNF mod’s.

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I think I did well for my first time making sprites, except whatever’s going on with Ron’s arm that looks terrible lol.

Thank you @SeanLMAO for making the cover, and @BombasticHype for porting the sprites, the icons and the little guy in the back because I forgot lol


  1. Ron: Hey Bob, I don't think this guy has any ideas on what to do what should we do
    Bob: Idk sing
    Ron: what the F-

  2. meanwhile bob tries to get robux:
    ron: no bob dont buy robux
    bob: still
    ron: convinces epicly

  3. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, better than the original

  4. I want this mod as a playable mod rn

  5. Me contimplating if i should do a pacifist or genocide

  6. Ron: bob do you know where the sandwich stuff is?
    Ron: I asked you something why aren’t you talking
    (If you don’t get the joke well the joke is in this mod when it’s bobs turn he doesn’t open his mouth so I thought it would be funny to make that comment)

  7. Ron: listen Bob I know you want to rap battle against this guy but he's already beating the whole competition and bf I say we should cut our losses why we still can

    Bob: no

  8. Me when I am asking my mom to buy me something.
    She goes like….
    "In the background" Someone is seeing us argue.

  9. look m8 we need to help this cartoon slip he's having a mental breakdown

    ik ok but we should just leave him he's prolly gonna sus us out man

    o that's true

  10. The song is called close chuckle And it’s a mod of smiling friends from adult swim

  11. Close Chuckle But Ron And Bob Sings It ( Cover/ Holitine x vs Bob mod 2.0 )

  12. can someone give me the link to the reskin IF there is one

  13. I can imagine that they are arguing about hotdog in a burger bun lol

  14. Funny if little man was in the middle with a beer bottle in his hand

  15. Mug: moves sideways
    Left arm: ight, imma head out

  16. Now all we need is a reskin of eddsworld where Bob rides a burger in the hotdog bun robot

  17. ok but honestly reskinning already existing mods is such a great way to practice imo, and this looks and sounds really cool!!! 😀

  18. Ron explaining to bob that the burger in the hotdog bun isn’t funny anymore:

  19. This is amazing, also i love the fact that Ron's arm is a part of Bobs sprite

  20. Why does Ron's up move and down move look so weird

  21. What if instead of you in the background its little man trying to get on a chair or something

  22. its more than a reskin because it technically has vocals.

  23. ThatOneRichSpy (Click my desc for message!!!) says:

    Video idea:
    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BOY?!?! (Close Chuckle but Walt Disney and JHaix sings it)
    Jhaix is the Main Dev for Wednesday infidelity.
    It'll probably be cool for Walt to have a Halo And some Wings in the song bc you know.

  24. " Look, Bob, I know we are supposed to make a mod with him and everything but he seems like a lost cause. Pretend he doesnt know, Lets just pack our bags and get outta here. "

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