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I’m Making A Jimmy Timmy Power Hour FNF Mod?? || “Power Hour” (feat. @HighPoweredKeyz & @fretzl )

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Enjoy this limited preview of our Jimmy Timmy Power Hour One-Shot Friday Night Funkin’ Mod!!

Hey guys, giving a small little update in the description of this video. Ya boy Jakeneutron has overworked himself into burnout—- I’ve been operating thinking that if I’m not pushing out content asap I won’t be able to afford food and rent, but that shouldn’t mean I ignore my physical and mental health. soooo I’m gonna try and give himself an actual hiatus soon.

I’m gonna set up some stuff to hold my channel over while I’m taking a vacation though. Compiling some old tracks and some never before seen tracks for an album called “Neutronium Hiatus”… which will include This song, it’s instrumental, a bunch of other songs… and one secret /Pibby song I’ve been wanting to show you guys for months!… but we’ll have to wait till July 15th for that huh.

so it’s not like this channel will be dead! As long as y’all keep listening and watching my stuff I should be fine, but donations on Ko-fi are much appreciated to keep this content running!

Before I take myself a little time off to relax, I’m leaving y’all with a reduced preview of the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour mod! Featuring the song: “Power Hour”!!! There’s gonna be more that happens in this One-Shot but I didn’t wanna dip without showing you how it’s going. Hoping for Voice Acting when this ends up being done!

Chromatic scales:

Credits –

I composed the track, drew/animated the characters and background, and coded the stage and events!

HighPoweredKeyz created the Chromatics for Jimmy & Timmy and handled the final version of the vocals, plus did the distorted bass for the song!

Fretzl did all the guitars in the song, including the crazy asf Solo!

I commissioned artembrass (on Fiverr) to handle the brass tracks in the song!

and I commissioned gregowens614 (also on Fiverr) to help with the drums, especially in the rock portions!

Special Thanks to

NOMIE and Bibirobo

For additonal content on screen bugs (Which have fictional dates that don’t correlate with actual projects!!)
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Brief FAQ:

Where’s VS Sasha!?
It’s been on indefinite hiatus for months, none of the team really wants to port it to psych engine right now or is very interested, eventually we’ll get back to it but other projects are gonna have to take priority.

Where’s Vs Oswald???
A lot is planned for it, which means production is gonna be much more involved, hopefully there will be more news to give you guys soon, but I wanna wait till we have a decent amount of stuff ready before I promise or show anything! The patience will be worth it 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

When you release the other One-Shot mods????
Hopefully after my hiatus lol

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  1. Which was your favorite Jimmy Timmy special back in the 2000s?1, 2, or 3?? And why???

  2. if you put a cgi style in then put it in at 1:48 as thats when what i assume jimmys machine starts to work and take effect

  3. if you put a cgi style in then put it in at 1:48 as thats when what i assume jimmys machine starts to work and take effect

  4. Am I the only one who sees Cosmo and Wanda doing the there's a pipe bomb in your mailbox meme in 1:24

  5. Am I the only one who sees Cosmo and Wanda doing the there's a pipe bomb in your mailbox meme in 1:24

  6. There is already a song called power hour

  7. Make the wall in the background 3D along with Jimmy and… Who she again

  8. So Jakeneutron, do u buy any chance of Making Timmy and Jimmy singing Ugh/Guns/Stress, just saying

  9. WOW, just just WOW. thank you for making this mod! Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Odd Parents were my favorite cartoons as a kid. And that crossover was HUGE for me, but I never really watched all of them I think, cuz SpongeBob took over my life at the time. Now seeing someone make a FNF mod about the power-hour, really make me happy! I'll be sure to play it as soon as it releases.

  10. puLEASE tell me that Timmy gets to use The Chosen Ones guitar during the final fight PLEASE I NEED IT

  11. What is this of think
    Legend of Herobrine?
    Well that was actually marvelous
    Anyways. Like my comment!


  13. it was either that or 2 handicapped children fighting

  14. jimmy sounds like he is having a stroke but other then that its good

  15. You already know jimmy bout to knock out timmy (but Timmy has magic)..
    Jimmy: prepare for your equations to be solved!
    Timmy: I wish for a uno reverse card!
    Jimmy: that is just a myth bro..😑

  16. I recall this crossover blew my mind back then. And it will be one of the best crossovers of the 2000's cartoon era.

  17. CAP Timmy turner should win not Jimmy neutron

  18. I wish the gang was inverted colored… BAM!!!

  19. Imagine vickys the one at the end with the guitar

  20. Jake why wanda and cosmo doin the chicken dance meme

  21. Let's gooooooooo it even has a tv layout and the nickelodeon's 2000's logo

  22. 1:22 Cosmo and Wanda Start dancing the cow and chicken dance

  23. Jimmy the type to get into a rap battle out of pure ego

  24. I swear if in the final version there are 3D parts I will lose my mind

  25. Isn't the animations of Cosmo supposed to be for the inverted color part?

  26. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made a Cross-Console Crash cover with these two

  27. I’m having flashbacks of my childhood rn

  28. i like the part when cosmo and wanda does the "there's a pipe bomb in your mailbox" dance.

  29. Man I can’t wait to see this mod someday!! It already looks incredible

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