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I Spoke To Vs. Imposter’s CREATOR Answering BURNING Questions! | FNF Mods (ft. Clowfoe)

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We go over leaks for V4, exclusive lore, and the SUSSIEST questions in this Vs. Imposter interview with Clowfoe! Spicy topics include Ejected and Defeat lore, Beta/Unused files, Clowfoe’s future, and more in this Top 10 FNF Mod!

What’s your favorite Vs. Imposter song or character? Comment down below! =)

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0:00 – Clowfoe Vents In!
0:26 – Why Among Us?
1:03 – Thoughts on Other Among Us Mods?
1:16 – V4 Leaks?! 😮
1:40 – Most Challenging Level? (+Ejected lore)
2:27 – Imposter Personalities
2:59 – Who’s Black Imposter?
3:17 – Exclusive Beta Files/Info?
4:06 – The Mystery of Loggo
4:59 – Thoughts on FNF Mods after 1 Year?
5:27 – What is a “Clowfoe”?
5:53 – Clowfoe & Twitter
6:25 – Clowfoe in 1-5 Years?
6:56 – V4 Interview + Skinny Nuts



That’s right! We got the most STYLISH and SUSSIEST developer on for tonight, Clowfoe! Ya boi, along with many other team members are part of the Friday Night Funkin Vs Imposter mod crew. The mod is obviously based off Among Us, and includes many bangers such as Defeat, Ejected, and Reactor.

The mod has been through many versions, starting from V1 with 3 songs including Meltdown, to V2 with updated music. V3 included much more content and lore, and V4 along with the many leaks look to be one of FNF’s biggest mods. Imposter V4’s leaks include songs such as Triple Trouble Boiling Point, Danger, Run Away and Skinny Nuts. There will be new characters as well including Grey, White, Yellow, Maroon, and Pink imposter!

The mod also includes songs such as Sussus Moogus, Sussus Toogus, and classics like Sussy Bussy, Rivals, and Chewmate. There is also songs like Sabotage and Lights Down that appear in the middle of Weeks 1 and 2. Loggo’s Halloween is a bonus update that appeared in Vs Imposter including the Spookposter song. At the end of the video, we talk a bit about the FNF community and Clowfoe’s based-ness on Twitter. Finally, the interview ends off with an EXCLUSIVE SUSSY V4 LEAK that totally doesn’t have a surprise at the very very end 😉

What’s your favorite Vs. Imposter song or character? Comment down below! =)


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🍪 You found the Sussy Cookie!

If you eat it, Among Us crewmates will take you across the universe, showing you all the secrets of space and time. However, there is a 20% chance one of them is an imposter that eats everyone.

Do you take it? Let me know below!

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  1. My fav part is the black imposter Mechanics ( you are not allowed to miss a note or u die )

  2. I'm very excited about v4, for sure it will win the title of best fnf mod, v4 will have more than 40 songs, that's what excites me much more, do you agree that it can be the best mod?

  3. Just seeing the message "my opinion is that your opinion on my opinion is bullshit" just made me die laughing and i don't know why

  4. The "Well well well" at the end, had me on the floor

  5. the "well well well" suprized me

  6. 0:15 Clowfoe sounds like he’s a leader of some evil organisation, and everyone watching is shocked like “I trusted you!” Reminds me of some movie or something

  7. There are so many spoilers that It feels like it's out already

  8. Yea the sonic song tier list is wack all of the songs are a masterpiece edit: sussy bussy is god

  9. Ok v4 is going to take 8 hours of your day

  10. My sneeze got cancelled because of the ending. B ruj

  11. All of these information are lit.
    Clowfoe :OOO

    Keep up the amazing work meta!

  12. Well, that was kinda funny to watch, now i see clowfoe's name wasn't a well-made joke.

    Also, My favorite song has to be Lights Down, it doesn't sound like a b-side, and green is just putting some insults out in the Diolauge that are wellsorted for Bf

    plus Eduardo

  13. I really like green imposter she’s cool

  14. he has a full right to judge Ziffy's Sonic.exe tier list if he put Endless in front of Triple Trouble

  15. WELL WELL WELL! I hope that wasn't serious…😰

  16. What’s your favorite Vs. Imposter song/character? 👾🌌

    Clowfoe’s channel! (https://youtube.com/c/Clowfoe).

    Thank you so much for coming on Clowfoe, it was awesome and fun delving into the SUSSIEST and amazing mod of Vs. Imposter =)

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