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Heathers | FNF Mod

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uploading when i have another song
listen to the musical OST

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Q: What do you use to animate?
A: Adobe Animate

Q: Do you use a graphic tablet?
A: yes!!!

Q: Can you give me a shout-out
A: no

Q: How old are you?
A: 18 (19 in dec 5th, 2022)

Q: Email?
A: [email protected]

Q: What program for music
A: FL Studio 12 or Famitracker

Q: How did you come up with the name “bbpanzu”?
A: It’s a long story

Q: Can i use your music?
A: sure! just give me credit

Q: Can i use your animations on a compilation
A: sure! just give credit

Q: can i be in your animations?
A: no


  1. At some point you can't even hear Veronica, it's like the Heathers are just overpowering her.


  3. First Hamilton, now Heather's.
    Next is gonna be Shrek. For sure.

  4. I understand OG Candy Store wouldn't necessarily work as well in the FNF format, so that's why you changed it, making an awesome up-beat remix! But if you ever make this into a full fledged mod someday for whatever reason, I hope you also put in covers with the OG songs.

  5. Never did I think I would see my favorite musical in a FNF mod…

    But damn does it work well.

  6. when you don't know the story:
    when you do know the story:

  7. Bro Why The Hell The Start Of The Song Go Hella Hard
    Like Damn The Bars

  8. They got happy when Veronica got mad average trolls

  9. ꧁_koro(apóstol de la iglesia satánica)_꧂ says:

    ohhh i love haters And I love the idea of ​​a fnf mod plus the song and the voices are very good

  10. There should definitely be more mods based on musicals!

  11. I just came here for the song and the assets that's what I like from bbpanzu

  12. i would watch a cartoon with this artstyle till i die

  13. This mod feels like it's from rythem heavan

  14. Can anyone tell me what this is, I have no idea where this is from or anything.

  15. you've got a bone to pick?
    me: yes a Boner

  16. i dont even know who these people are or where this is happening but daamn this bangs

  17. I’ve watched this like 6 times and i dont even know what this is based of or really what it is lmao

  18. Yo thank you so much your the reason why I’m getting my homework done, I’ve been listening to this on loop and it really helps!

  19. the kids be watching this being like “mom what’s a di-“

  20. the way her eyes Widen was so funny for me

  21. Can I ever just question bb how he manages to make this

  22. if you don't know what Dork Diaries is, heavily underrated book series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  23. I gotta get into your FLP’s and see how you make your chromatics sound so good-

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