GORILLA TAG VR HAD A FNF MOD?! | Friday Night Funkin' Gorilla Night Battle (FNF Mod) - tori-games.com

GORILLA TAG VR HAD A FNF MOD?! | Friday Night Funkin’ Gorilla Night Battle (FNF Mod)

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Today, we are back at it again with another Friday Night Funkin’ Mod and you already know its VS Gorilla Tag VR so let’s get straight to it BUT hopefully you enjoyed the video. 🙂

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Mod Credits:
Sebby15 – Sprite Art & BG Art:

WetWork – Artist:

Roboskully – Icon Artist:

Gorillagoof – logo Artist & BG Art:

Marmalade_ – Music:

LilSticky – Music:

Legendary Doggo – Music:

ThatRandomDude – charter:

Ultimate – charter:

jmancurly – Appear in the mod / I Went Ghost Hunting in Gorilla Tag:

Majora – Appear in the mod / IM IN A GORILLA TAG FNF MOD (Friday Night Funkin)

ignore the tags btw, thank you! 😭
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  1. hello Director/creator here. Thanks for playing the mod 🙂

  2. Holy hell its almost all famous gorilla tag players.

  3. I was the YouTuber in "Majorin". Thanks for playing and Sebby15 for making the mod!. Dope video! 😁

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