Funky Friday MADE AN FNF MOD?! (Friday Night Funkin') -

Funky Friday MADE AN FNF MOD?! (Friday Night Funkin’)

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Roblox Funky Friday MADE AN FNF MOD called the Funky Friday Celebratory Mod celebrating 1 billion plays and also their 1 year anniversary as well! We will be playing this exclusive Funky Friday mod as the release date for it is set for tomorrow, February 28th!

Mod Link:

0:00 Intro
0:35 Menus
1:08 Cutscene 1
2:27 Cheese-Rush (VS JavaCoded)
4:47 Cutscene 2
5:39 Dancing (VS Lego)
8:37 Cutscene 3
9:03 Chartering (VS Aus_si)
11:27 Cutscene 4
11:47 One on One (VS Sun)
13:56 Cutscene 5
14:49 One on One (VS Noob)
16:10 Cutscene 5
16:40 Sussus Situation (VS Crewmate & Noob)
18:23 Cutscene 6
18:49 Voteout (VS Crewmate & Noob)
21:41 Interjection (VS Green & Orange Imposter)

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  1. Just imagine if they added their own mod to their game

  2. Nolego here the mod is amazing and cool the developers maybe take a while makeing that🤔🤔

  3. 6:57 that part sounds familiar to the whitty and carol night out heartbass!

  4. 2:18 Lua is a scripting program made for Roblox devs, without them their functioning parts wouldn’t be able to work this includes animations, the GUI & charting.

  5. I don’t want to be mean but the German translation of your titles are a “little bit” wrong 😉

  6. Java should use the 1bilcheese animation just incase 🙂

  7. yes as many notes as you get there is ducks i did my offset wrong ond got 47 misses on java's song EPIC bruh momento : |

  8. This is a mod emphasis of your dream come true in Funky Friday, they may aswell add their own mod in! LOL. Goose virus trend as mechanic ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)

  9. woah that’s cool they made their own mod so nice

  10. 15:53 first amogus now that? funky friday got some humor there lol

  11. Lego is using the duck animation

    Aus_si is using the Yuri animation

  12. ☆Shelly the sleepy dragonfish animations☆ says:

    I was not expecting Funky Friday to make a mod but I really like the songs and it has a lot of logic

  13. java's animation kinda looks like the solazar animation

  14. Fixed title: FNF MADE A FUNKY FRIDAY MOD?!

  15. 16:43 I can't believe I didn't realize just realized that the enemy side the characters the avatar and the freaking animation is identical to myself and this is before the mod came out can't belive just noticed when the update came out and i feel being spied on

  16. 2 mods that take place on funky friday now, this and friday night bloxing week 1

  17. Fun fact: The sus week made in 2 map (thats a stage that you can get only with ladder in old map)

  18. creator of fnf 1b celebration: we just add the v3 one instead
    me: why not just use v4 one instead because its cool

  19. Fun Fact: the account in Funky Friday Celebratory Mod is actually Andre Nicholas's account.

  20. I hope they add a song for Tambrush. I wonder how it will song and what Tambrush's animations will be. I think we all have a straight idea on what it's name would be.

  21. au_ssi is holding the lemon to reference the arrow skin he use's in game

  22. Im so happy that they finally made a fnf mod
    And nice video man

  23. The a kinda lookin sus

  24. Finally, what if after we got the boss update we can have one of the funky friday developers as a selectable boss from the hardest song in the mod

  25. when you came to listen to the song but the yt man screams over every second of it

  26. Are You EXCITED FOR Funky Friday's UPDATE SOON?! 👀

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