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[FULL SERIES] Matt vs Boyfriend Boxing Fight (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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The full “Matt vs Boyfriend Boxing Fight” series put together without my interruptive speeches with simple chapters in the scroll bar.

Fan-made Matt Boxing Mod:

(Original Mod) Wii Funkin (vs Matt) Mod:

Matt Wiik 3 Mod:

Credits to:

CritVA (Voice of Matt):

“Wii Funkin vs Matt Mod” for FNF X Matt and songs concept
The fan-made WiiK 3 Mod for Matt’s boxing outfit and songs concept
“Friday Night Funkin” for the “Friday Night Funkin” concept
“Nintendo Wii Sports” for the “Wii Sports” and “Matt” concept

Songs used in order:

Part 1 songs:
“Boxing Match”:

Part 2 songs:
“Sporting Instrumental – Slowed Down”: (I made the pitch higher in my video)
“Boxing Match Insrumental”:

Part 3 songs:
“Boxing Match Insrumental”:
“King Hit”:
Wii Sports “Tennis Results”:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Fight
4:29 Cutscene
4:39 Fight (part 2)
6:33 Cutscene
9:22 Short Fight (part 3)
9:58 Cutscene
12:57 Final Fight
15:59 Ending Cutscene
#FridayNightFunkinanimation #FNFMattMod
#WiiK2 #Wiik3

Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: Filmora9 / Adobe Premier Pro
Drawing tablet: Ugee M708 graphics tab


  1. Great job as always dude also maybe consider doing the shaggy and Matt duo next animation


  3. Really incredible animation. Love how everyone wins in the end and it doesn't end on a crummy note for Matt, which was what I was afraid of. Great job!!

  4. What if all that punching and slashing was canon and the powers
    Bf would just become the new matt lol

  5. The animation is bussin the songs be bussin. That what all th kids say today i guess

  6. alternate title : basiclly jotaro vs dio but fnf

  7. please do part 4, part 3 looks cool and i wish there was one more episode

  8. I wish this could be a mod that we can play

  9. If he did a part four of this series i will make all my friends to make him to 1 million subs

  10. Ah yes, boyfriend s most strongest secret ability, bending the boxing glove.

  11. jojo fan: holy shit they have a stando

  12. Love how there are so many people stealing this man's content then dont give him credit for his hard work or even link this video

  13. Bruh is just watch to the end and gf bestrayal is hate my life

  14. Alternative title: Matt and Bf having a boxing fight for Seventeen minutes and forty six seconds with text and cool superpowers.

  15. What are these things that come out they look like a standoh powah

  16. Once again i watched the whole thing again. I thought the best was the last 2 parts but heck this animation is addictive. I wish to watch in 60fps please

  17. I can't believe it's a mod now you do some amazing work keep it up

  18. The final fight looks awesome! Great job!

    I feel bad bc bf is suffering rn

  19. It was too difficult to draw arms mostly for gf i see

  20. The clean cuts and after images of them in sword fighting parts are amazing

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