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[From VS UniqueGeese FNF Mod] Ardolf – Fear Me

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⮞ Information
Track: Fear Me
Artist: Ardolf
Length: 2:27
Genres: UK Hardcore

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Spotify: (Available soon)
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⮞ If you want to use my music, please read the information below:
Please contact me through Discord (Ardolf#4885) or email ([email protected]) before you use my music anywhere. (You may not need my permission to use my music in GD)


  1. It's a honor to be the one who did the in-game art, you always make such bangers ❤

  2. Esta es la nueva versión de fnf vs livid likanthrope :0

  3. I truly can't believe I'm going to be here for the release of a new song😅

  4. This is the track where you fight a purple beast goose monster that has lost his father…

    … by some demons.

  5. Doing the art for the thumbnail was really fun and the song of course is poggers

  6. As the live chat would say:
    “I’m the biggest bird.”

    Fantastic song!

  7. I liked the music, I've heard about UniqueGeeze

  8. another Awesome Hit dude
    love it
    keep it up
    see ya meatball fsce

  9. When I heard this and I somehow missed who it was made by, I still just knew who made this banger immediately when I started bopping head to the beat, good shit Ardolf🤟🏾 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. wow so you did this song huh and well I just gotta Ardolf you did AMAZINGLY on this song like it's pretty intense but its such a banger as well and its a really well done song but yeah again Amazingly done Ardolf on this song cause its Amazing!!👍✨️🔥💜❤️🔥✨️👍

  11. I definitely wasn't expecting another FNF song from you when I checked my notifications this morning, but I'm here for it because every song you make is amazing, no matter what it's for!

  12. Ardolf is the only artist making FNF tracks that I still listen too lmao, that’s how you know it’s good.

  13. No wonder why i seemed to recognize the song. Amazing song!

  14. When I saw one song in the mod was made by you, I genuinely gasped from excitement. I KNEW this was gonna be a banger. amazing work as always!

  15. Man I would love to get a banger from you

  16. Peak FNF song it don't get better than this boys

  17. Ofc!! i learn Ardolf The death metal remixer would be behind Damn Slamming Banger Dude you broke through your musical limits once Again!!!!!! The only thing that'll scare me is you not getting pass 100K on this Masterpiece because it deserves more than given credit for!! Keep destroying it Man love to see you become a really well known artist 💙🤍💚🤍

  18. This feels like a proper boss song, no goofy ahh mechanics, no bullshit charting, just a demon a big geese and healthdrain. SUCH A FUCKING BANGER!!!!

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