Friday Night Funkin' - Will Smith V.S. Chris Rock - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Will Smith V.S. Chris Rock – FNF MODS [HARD]

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Submitter: SlightlyCreative

Made the music, art, chart, basically everything: SlightlyCreative

Made Will Smith’s and Chris Rock’s chromatic scales: HighPoweredArt

Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. 2 days ago: will smith slaps Chris rock
    1 day ago: he apologized
    Now: an FNF mod is born featuring the incident

  2. The mod looks fantastic, but I dunno about the song, it didn't give me the satisfaction as other mod songs. That in no way means that I don't like the song. I thought the song was nice c:

  3. somewhat mediocre, but I guess they just wanted to be first

  4. I knew there would be a mod like this that is a banger ever and i love how Chris Rock got slapped and didn't feel a thing in the end that is so good

  5. This has no right existing OR being this good, but holy shit am I pleasantly surprised-

  6. Chris handled and managed the situation professionally. After that shameful incident, He continued his program as if nothing had happened, and his ability to control his anger and refrain from continuing the conflict is extraordinary and admirable.

  7. Welp someone had to do it

    Guess you can say this slaps-

  8. i knew there's going to be a mod about it

  9. All memes shall be moded. So it is written. So it shall come to pass. Quote the Raven, Nevermore.

  10. fnf mod makers are equivalent to r34 artists. they can make anything into a song.

  11. Fnf is like rule 34
    If it exists, there is mod of it

  12. not really surprised this turn into a mod it's perfect lol that was Will Smith Vs Chris Rock this was pretty good the song was a banger with Chris being slapped in the end was great lol and the Background having the orange tint just like the look of the actual award's that's a good touch and the designs are great here too but yeah Pretty good Will Smith Vs Chris Rock Mod.

  13. I can't believe they actually made a mod of this "situation". if there's a Oscar for FNF mod this mod should get one lol

  14. I can't even..

    How was this made so fast wtf

  15. Wasn't expecting this mod lol, cool mod tho 😀

  16. This is proof that fnf modders will make mods about anything

  17. Damn, recent memes are getting funkinized!

  18. that random fast 4 jack hurts more than if i got actually slapped by will smith

  19. They should make the song with a slap in the middle of what but anyway, this is dope ass

  20. I don’t usually watch the Oscar’s
    Are they all like “this incident?”

  21. sli cre if you're in this comment section rn this is your big break dude

  22. man this community makes everything an fnf mod

  23. Y'all work on godspeed- but this is a bop💅🏽

  24. Okay Who In The World Desides (I Can't Spell) To Make A FNF Mod About Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

  25. petition for this mod to add note mechanics where you have to hit fists coming ur way otherwise will smith smacks you

  26. This proves that there's a mod based on anything on the internet

  27. yk that they're 2 actors or whatever its says, i dont really know if they acting or its real? im not pretty sure

  28. I'm not suprised that this became a mod -_-

  29. Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock,
    But its an FNF {Friday Night Funkin}
    Mod, This is Interesting!
    I was not Expecting this
    to be an FNF {Friday Night Funkin}
    Mod, But I like it!

  30. I can tell they rushed this because the voice banks sound nothing like them and it's all offkey lol

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