Friday Night Funkin' VS Updike V2 Secret Week - Remorse Song (FNF Mod/Hard) (Whitty Mod Update) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Updike V2 Secret Week – Remorse Song (FNF Mod/Hard) (Whitty Mod Update)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Updike V2 Update (Secret Week) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod created by the creator of Whitty and now Updike is back, well kind of. It’s a funny joke mod.
sock.clip – Mod Creator:

Updike secret week has returned and it’s been “remastered”. This Updike comes from a different universe. At first, we see Updike from Julian T. Whitmore universe but then it quickly changes to another one that I’m not very familiar with. There is some lore to it at the start of the video if you want to learn more. Sock herself uploaded this to gamebanana and it’s cool to see her back.

[FNF] V.S. Updike V2 Mod Download:

V.S. Whitty – Definitive Edition Mod Download link:

VS Whitty Full Week OG Download link (it’s back up):

Game Note For Updike Mod: The official remaster of the secret Whitty character, Gabriel Updike, and his only song, Remorse. Complete with a rewritten story and updated designs.

Game Note For Whitty Mod: While Boyfriend strolling with your Girlfriend through an alleyway, you happen to notice an ominous glow coming from around the corner. Out steps Whitmore (Whitty), a hot-headed underground rock star who happens to have some beef with your GF parents. Think BF got what it takes to get him outta there?

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Updike V2 FULL WEEK Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Updike Update
00:12 Lore
00:25 Remorse Song (Updike vs BF)
00:43 Joke Universe or something like that
03:44 Side by Side Comparison
04:13 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Updike V2 UPDATE below
Updike V2 FULL WEEK (No Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

Sock.clip – Creator of Whitty, Main artist, animator, musician:

Stank_Fielld – Charter, programmer:

Shadow Mario – Engine Provider:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Full Game, but The Mom Sings it:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Shaggy X Matt 3.0:

Vs Whitty Date Week Carol & Whitty:

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Sky HD FULL WEEK:

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Sunday Remastered:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2021)
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  1. I get this is a joke like fat Updike dwarf bf as a boomer gf basicly drooling but the remix is the biggest remix I’ve heard

  2. bro the cloud guy reminds me of that movie called spider man into the spider verse hes name is king ping💀

  3. Прикольный бойфренд

  4. who thinks the old song was better say in chat ''agree"

  5. For some reason I did not like Updike v2

  6. ubpike v1 se ve mejor que la dos

  7. 𝙰𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚢𝚖𝚘𝚞𝚜☂︎⚠︎ says:

    So now bf is a gta 5 character?

  8. Honestly I like the original one better

  9. V1 because updike is fat in V2

  10. Looks like Updike went to Mc Donald’s a little too much.

  11. what's the name of the two guards behind?

  12. Is anyone noticed what it says to boyfriend's hat?

  13. My favorite form of male character design evolution, make him wayy thicker for no reason, beautiful.

  14. Woah, I never knew remorse was in the Whitty Week thank god they made him a separate week <33

  15. Why Does Bf Look So Funny In The Joke Universe LOL

  16. new Updike looks like he just had his 100th protein shake

  17. the fact that this video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long


  19. The sound of the 2nd ver for remorse looks amazing but bf sounds looks not that much tho

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