Friday Night Funkin' vs SONIC.EXE!! [Full Week + Cutscenes + FNF Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs SONIC.EXE!! [Full Week + Cutscenes + FNF Mod]

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Friday Night Funkin vs SONIC.EXE Mod is awesome and I actually BEAT something for once!!
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Intro / Outro – Provided By Monstercat
“Safe & Sound” by Nitro Fun

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Hey everyone, it’s your friend #Thinknoodles and welcome to my YouTube channel! Join me, my dog Kopi and other friends on our adventures in video games.

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  1. The name of the song too slow is because tails was too slow and got killed by sonic.exe

  2. Yay I'm so glad you made this great video as always think keep up the good work

  3. I grew up with the original sonic not sonic exe

  4. Think: no no no I can't do this
    3 seconds later
    Think: starts playing like a pro 7:33

  5. Think you should use keybinds if you're not using keybinds like Z X N M, D F J K, etc
    There are a lot of keybinds
    Tip: use a keybind you most coftable with and use two hands instead if one

  6. Whenever ur training begins to be a Friday night funkin expert 😀

  7. Play ballistic retrospecter it's easier than regular ballistic

  8. Please could you do funkin indie cross next it's an fnf mod and it dosent have any bad words

  9. This is the absolute best mod, nostalgia from when i was scared of watching a sonic.exe video

  10. Think noodles I recommend u play with this key binds
    F – Left
    G – Down
    K – Up
    L – Right

  11. Try out the noob fnf mod it’s a pretty easy mod

  12. This Sonic mod isnt bad but he does look kind of creepy! But the music in this is pretty good!

  13. I guess this video didn't get 1,000 comments in 4 hour but later it's going be 1,890 or more

  14. oh thats tails hand in his mouth! why did i click on this video
    nightmares for weeks coming

  15. Hi Think great video as usual but i have some tips for you to become better at the game
    1: enable downscroll (downscroll means the arrows come down to you)
    2: change your keybinds THIS IS IMPORTANT many youtubers fail mods because of there keybinds dont use the arrow keys for somebody as good (terrible) as you use zx,. z would be left x would be down , would be up and . would be right hope these tips help you out think!

  16. i am so happy that you done this mod and i have to say you are good at fnf

  17. please do vs rtrospecter vs bob vs kapi vs tabi vs tricky

  18. Tip: when u hit the fuzzy arrow some times u put the screen the static but it is a 50/50 percent of putting the screen to static.

  19. Bro think says he’s bad I can’t even beat the tutorial on easy

  20. If you miss the red arrows it will jumscare

  21. Noob noooooooooooooooob …………. nooB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/:

  22. Think noodles I really enjoy watching your videos but I wanted to know if u were ever going to continue doing the little nightmares one game? There is a 1st one which is actually what happens to six AFTER the ending of the 2nd one and you didn't do the whole thing. I would really like you too. I just subscribed and I really love your channel (Also even though it's not roblox use star code noodles!)

  23. Yay think has finally play an fnf mod and it's my fav one and think please play zardy mod it has an update


  25. hey think can u play five nights at trachure ilande again ples think u need to beat the GAME

  26. Here's a tip: play with the keybinds as "ASKL" It makes it so much easier 😀

  27. I saw the add for this but didn't know this is a horrible game

  28. Think hasn’t done something about sonic.exe in ages

  29. can we appreciate that think uplouds every day

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