Friday Night Funkin': VS Sonic.EXE 2.0 Update FULL WEEK + All Secrets + Cutscenes [FNF Mod/HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Sonic.EXE 2.0 Update FULL WEEK + All Secrets + Cutscenes [FNF Mod/HARD]

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VS Sonic.EXE V2.0 Full Week mod for Friday Night Funkin’ has been updated after months of development! This 2.0 Update is massive with almost everything being new, even the original V1.0 contents. Too Slow, Execution (changed to Cycles), Endless getting revamped with new music, new character designs. More Sonic characters (OG Sonic, Fleetway Super Sonic, Sanic, Tails, Knuckle, Eggman,…). More cutscenes. More Songs (there’s 11 songs totally in this update) with 3 songs of Act 1, 7 songs accessible by codes and 1 secret song (code 0-0). I will play this mod in Hard difficulty, show everything (all songs, all cutscenes, all miss & game over animations, all codes, secret codes and songs). Enjoy this massive video!

00:00 Week 2 Cutscene Preview
00:15 Intro & New Menu
00:58 Opening Cutscene
1:13 Act 1: Too Slow Song – Revamped (Sonic.EXE vs BF)
4:22 New Cutscene
4:55 Act 2: You Can’t Run Song (Sonic.EXE vs BF)
7:35 New Cutscene 2
7:43 Act 3: Triple Trouble Song (BF vs Tails.exe, Xenophanes, Knuckles.EXE, Eggman.exe)
16:12 Secret Codes
16:24 Code 7-7: Act ? Cycles Song (Lord X Sonic VS BF)
19:01 Code 12-25: Act Infinite: Endless Song – Revamped (Majin Sonic VS BF)
21:56 Code 66-6: Sunshine Song (Tails Doll VS BF)
25:10 Code 8-21: Chaos Song (Fleetway Super Sonic VS BF)
27:59 Code 31-13: Act 1 – Faker Song (Faker Revie’s Sonic VS BF)
29:56 Act 1 Cutscene
30:14 Black Sun Song (Revie’s Sonic.exe VS BF)
33:02 Secret Code 0-0: Too Fest Song (Sanic.exe VS BF)
35:34 Other Codes
36:40 Milk Song (Sunky.MPEG vs BF)
40:00 Miss & Game Over Screen No.1 (VS Sonic.EXE)
40:16 Miss & Game Over Screen No.2
40:26 Miss & Game Over Screen No.3 (VS Majin Sonic)
40:53 Miss & Game Over Screen No.4 (VS Tails Doll)
41:09 Miss & Game Over Screen No.5 (VS Fleetway Super Sonic)
41:21 Miss & Game Over Screen No.6 (VS Sanic.exe)
41:33 Miss & Game Over Screen No.7 (VS Sunky.MPEG)
41:43 Outro

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.Exe (UPDATE 2 OUT)

Update 2 Authors
Divide – Artist/Animator
RightBurstUltra – Owner/Artist
Revie – Director/Art
Razencro – Animator/Video Editor/Programmer/Charting/Artist
MarStarBro – Composer
Comgaming_Nz – Artist
Zekuta – Artist/Animator
CryBit – Main Programming
Vania – Composer
UpTaunt – Composer
Stankfield – Animator/Artist
Madzilla – Charting/Vocals
Echolocated – Charting
JoeDoughBoi – Artist/Animator
KubiCorg – Animator
Erick Animations – Artist
ScorchVx – Artist
Rea – Artist/Animator
Arthur/ADJ – Artist
Ash – Coder
Cherribun – Artist/Animator
Squeak – Composer
Jamangar – Composer
Punkett – Composer/Charter
Jacaris – Composer

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  1. How did you hit all the notes without spaming on sanic.exe


  3. We We do the right one for you guys to make sure that the people in the games will come up with that we can do that for us sonic or something like that and not even have to do the sonic game and we are going to end fifth now we can go back

  4. 😱🥺😱😰😰😰😨😨😨

  5. TheSuperDuperDupremeSpongebobLivesInTheSupremeySea says:

    That's not so bad

  6. vince if he was a eleven year old dumbass says:

    they should add something from the new sonic.exe game

  7. vince if he was a eleven year old dumbass says:

    its called sonic.eyx

  8. I beat tricky with 100%accuracy and the sonic mod I had to spam

  9. The little memorial for divide is what got me. Love that. Rest easy Divide, thank you for being part of the mod! 🙏

  10. sick songs and my favourite song is triple trouble

  11. lo juge yo ere el malo tu controlabas al bioyfred

  12. Great job in your life with a gaye and physics class me

  13. Fnf Sonic .exe 2.0 All Chatarers
    Sonic .exe
    Tails .exe
    Dark Sonic .exe
    Knuckles .exe
    Eggman .exe
    Lord X
    Majin Sonic
    Tails Doll
    Fleetway Super Sonic
    Faker Sonic
    Black Sun
    Sanic .exe
    Sunky .exe

  14. 6:17 только люди понимающие русский и его выражения поймут в чем тут прикол)

  15. Some of the songs sound really good when you put in 1.25x speed

  16. I love how bf doesn't cate About the bodies

  17. Wait in too slow tailses head is on the thing so how is it on him?

  18. The sanic death is sanic running over boynfriend and be dies with blood

  19. Why did knuckles have his mouth open the hope time?

  20. I wonder what bf
    Sees when they see these terrifying creatures

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