Friday Night Funkin': VS SkyBlue Origin FULL WEEK Fanmade [FNF Mod/SkyVerse] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS SkyBlue Origin FULL WEEK Fanmade [FNF Mod/SkyVerse]

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VS SkyBlue Origin Fanmade Mod for Friday Night Funkin’. In this mod we will be playing against a homeless girl. But she’s not just an ordinary girl…

00:00 SkyBlue Transformation Preview
00:14 Lazy Opening Cutscene
00:37 Odd Song
3:16 Unknown Suffering Song
5:33 For Hire Song
7:21 Sky Forever Song
11:36 SkyCr@ack Song
13:21 Outro

After the events of Week 1 and before the events of Week 3, BF & GF found something in the alleyway, and it was a homeless girl!

But something ain’t right… She’s falling in love with her Boyfriend, which his Girlfriend would be a little jealous of. (If you know what I mean.)

Will you defeat this strange feelin’ homeless girl? We’ll find out in this mod!

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vs Skyblue (Fan-Made Demo)

The Skyblue Project Team

Alex Director – Creator, Scripter, Charter, Covers,

bbpanzu – Creator of the Sky mods, Composor of Skycr@ck

cyn – Charter of Odd, Cam Move Script

Applehair – Online VS Sustain Script

TKTems – Custom Credits Script

Skyblueanon – The Owner & Official Mod Creator of Skyblue (Love ya, man!)

.Nova. – Exported Normal & Raised Skyblue Assets (Forgot about that!)

ByAstroYT – Skyverse Soundfont

SuperStamps – for the Soundfonts that I used!

Others – for the Sprites, Charts, and FLPs!

Special Thanks

4chan – for bringing some support!

#FNFMod #SkyBlueOrigin #SkyVerseFNF


  1. GF should NOT be smiling through these songs… Unless she likes double dating.

  2. There's a fun fact ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ ᶠᵘⁿ ᶠᵃᶜᵗ:shes sus

  3. Está perro la verdad
    правда это собака
    it's really a dog

  4. Esto me recuerda a ese fetiche de una persona convirtiendose en algo amorfo

  5. Hermosa eleccion 7😍 PORNTINDER.Uno de mejor siempre en mi corazónc mañas no se la.🌹🤩💜 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  6. Sky Blue origin:
    From homeless girl to Thicc Fangirl
    Enough said.

  7. I love how bf was small against a homeless girl but somehow got back to normal size and shock when Sky appeared in the Unknown Suffering song, still fine SkyBlue Origin fan made mod.

  8. Hermosa eleccion 3😍 SEXBABY.Uno de mejor siempre en mi corazónj mañas no se la.🌹🤩💜 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  9. litteraly the most sussiest sprites i've ever seen, cool tho

  10. Small issue: unknown suffering sky left arrow is a issue

  11. The thing is… The sprites of skyblue was in… The rule 34 first…


    Don't ask me how did i know XD

  12. Ayo what is this and why she said the f word

  13. Girlfriend be like: why am I still here? Just to suffer?

  14. Each time I keep replaying unknown suffering song…. it feels so wrong to watch LOL. Like the song slaps, just the Sprite man…but other than that, this is a really good mod. Don't change it lol.

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