Friday Night Funkin': VS Pibby Family Guy High Effort FULL WEEK [Darkness Takeover/FNF Pibby Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Pibby Family Guy High Effort FULL WEEK [Darkness Takeover/FNF Pibby Mod]

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00:00 Preview
00:14 Intro & Menu
00:28 A Family Guy Song
4:10 Rotten Family Song
6:51 Airborne Song
10:34 Outro

The darkness is spreading, rapidly, and it has made its way into a show called “Family Guy.” BF is also pulled into this world and must survive alongside familiar allies to ensure his s̶u̸r̷v̷i̸v̸a̶l̵. Will he survive? or will he get c̸̪͠ö̵͖́r̴̟̀r̶̙̄u̶̗̓p̸̥͛t̶̹́e̵̜̅d̵͚̆ like the others? The choice is up to you…

Darkness Takeover: High-Effort Family Guy [Demo]
Created by Team Glit¢h Studio
Crotheon – Director, Lead Animator, Charter, and Coder
Banditage – Co-Director and Charter
HayseedHere – Main Composer
HotRacer652 – Charter
Dul – Animator and Logo Artist
SonicTonic400_YT – Promo Artist, Mechanic Ideas, and Trailer Maker
KING Z – Coder and Additional Animator
Dusttrust – Icon Artist
Mr. Revenchik – Original Pibby Family Guy Concept Artist
Dev – Concept Artist
King Daniel – Concept Artist
MiniSymba – Additional Coder


  1. i felt uncomfortable watching these twisted characters

  2. how come your able to play but whenever I 4try it just crashes >:(

  3. “Jeez, Brian! This whole obsession thing over (random white girl name) is out of control! Like that time we were corrupted by the Pibby corruption!”

  4. Dude the terror Stewie must of felt when Brian was taken😔

  5. This look somehow scary but the awesome is mod ever 🤩🤩

  6. Theory: When the glich absorbs someone who is mentally strong. The glich form would be even stronger like How Glenn could resist the glich but when he gets pull into it we can see this from us bigger then the others.

  7. Видели у кого то есть из команды глюк на руке

  8. Glenn just be chillin but no how he is immune to very deisese

  9. Boy this is worse than that time the darkness took over our neighborhood in Learning with Pibby

    *shows a cutaway of Peter Griffin and everybody running away from the darkness to no avail*

  10. I dont know of this was an intentional Easter egg but: in the first song, A Family Guy, when your health bar is all the way down, Brian's icon is the only one that has a slight glitch effect, hinting that he will be corrupted in the second song, Rooten Family

  11. bro yeeted himself out of the pippy like it was nothing

  12. that make me cry thats cool

  13. I’m confused why people are saying quagmire should have been immune

  14. I've never seen Brian and Stewie look so petrified

  15. When stewie gone he just teleport and he almost got by lois

  16. Hey Louis remember the time wh-…whe- n.. nEhEhEHehehpsidush

  17. Shivers down my spine and in my soul 🥲🥲

  18. The part when glen was glitching out at him kinda sounded like they were roasting each other

  19. The good thing is Peter is not dumb because he knows that every is in danger of the corruption


  21. 4:23 did anyone notice A:brian says hey stewie B:The rabbit in the photo

  22. how did peter dk that and i love the dead pose

  23. I love this mod it’s scary,good music,and pibby

  24. But only thing I wanna know is….
    Who's flying the plane?


  26. You can really hear the pain in stewies voice

  27. I was happy when Peter is uncorrupted and help Stewie

  28. This mod is so nice, Also Quagmire he looks hella scary

  29. I love how you can also here Quagmire's "giggity" in the Airbone song. This Pibby Mod is pretty much my favorite Pibby mod out of all of them, quality of the songs and mod just perfect.

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