Friday Night Funkin': VS Pibby Corrupted Ben 10 (OG, UAF, Classic, Reboot) [FNF Mod /Corrupted Ben] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Pibby Corrupted Ben 10 (OG, UAF, Classic, Reboot) [FNF Mod /Corrupted Ben]

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00:00 Cutscene & Gameplay Preview
00:54 Intro & Menu
1:17 Week 1: VS OG Ben Cutscene
2:20 Hero Destruction Song
5:03 Cutscene 2
6:29 Race Against Time Song
9:16 Week 2: VS Classic Ben
9:28 It’s Hero Time Song
12:03 Upgraded Song
15:10 Week 3: UAF Ben: Null Hero Song
17:55 VS Reboot Ben: Downgraded Song
20:55 Week 4: Quadruple Omnitrixies Song
29:12 Freeplay
29:22 Confronting Yourself Song
32:34 Encounter Song
34:45 Morbius Destruction Song
37:13 Roasted Song
40:28 Secret Song: You Can’t Run
43:14 Outro

A probably decent pibby mod made by people who did this for fun.
The pibby goop thingy or something i have no clue what the fuck it’s called, starts jumping to various CN shows. A victim of this parasite is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, and unfortunately this dude welds singlehandedly the most powerful watch in the universe.
pibby goo is extremely sensitive to fire bars in this mod lol, my explanation why bf rap battle with them
bf.xml is unfortunate enough to bump into the corrupted and mindless Ben Tennyson, will he survive? Eh, who knows.
Friday Night: Corrupted Omniverse DEMO
the_springman – Director and Main Artist/Animator
VoidNovaa – Composer
Themaskedcresent – Main BG Artist
IDLost – Main Charter
DanyCampusano2/DCLC – Composer
Toon-E-Artist – Promo artist
Shygee – Coder
JustShxdowLel – Composer
Special Thanks
FrimpleSchnips – Allowed Roasted cover
HammerHead – Made the Roasted cover
#FNFMod #PibbyBen10 #CorruptedOmniverse


  1. the reboot and the classic is very cool

  2. if ben turns into alien x, BF will have no chance

  3. This is cool man like on the glitch all aliens it was cool on the animation and the Omnitrix

  4. anyone else wondering what happened to omniverse ben after

  5. In theory, the reason for Omniverse Ben's universe/reality getting corupted could have something to do with it not being the original one, and is instead a duplicate that's not 100% perfect to the original universe. So it's possible that the corruption was able to take it over cause of that.

  6. What happend to uaf ben he doesnt seem corrupted al all

  7. im thinking of recharting and finishing the chart for quadruple omnitrixes, when i finish, would you like to play it

  8. I like how reboot Bens song name is “Downgraded” so true though

  9. aí cara isso estragou minha infancia😢

  10. Omnitrix security modes: We are not here (:


  12. wait if bff got the ultimatrix what cause he turn into

  13. my theory for why classic bens transformations arent complete is that the omnitrix is trying desperately to keep him alive

  14. 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  15. 11/10 best animated cutscene of 2022

  16. Decouple Omnitrix Command code 000 release coupling 0

  17. People who knew it was the ben 10 theme song

  18. I think it's difficult for Ben to end up being corrupted, since the Omnitrix has a security system to save Ben's life whenever he is threatened with death.

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