Friday Night Funkin' VS Petscop FULL WEEK, All Secret Codes (FNF MOD/Funkscop) (Analog Horror/Scary) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Petscop FULL WEEK, All Secret Codes (FNF MOD/Funkscop) (Analog Horror/Scary)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Petscop for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. The full mod title is called Funkscop
Visploo – Director:

A Boy in petscop meets up with all of the characters from Petscop such as Care, Paul, Marvin, and Guardian & etc. The songs in story mode/freeplay are heavily based on Petscop. I’ll be playing all Funkscop songs on very hard. My bad, Boyfriend and Girlfriend arent in the mod at all.

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Petscop / Funkscop Mod Download:

Game Note: According to content found in a copy of the lost game, the companies Garalina and Nifteam made a game whose latest version (as far as is known) dates back to 1997. We assembled a research team to restore the gameplay and content of the game, and successfully shared a compilation of our findings so far. Be aware that all is not what it seems, and there is more going on than meets the eye. As the game, itself suggests, “It’s a growing organism”.

To learn more about Petscop check these videos:
1) Game Theory: Petscop – The Scariest Game You’ll NEVER Play!

2) Petscop: The Best Game You’ve Never Played

3) Petscop 1 to 24:

All Songs from FNF VS Funkscop FULL WEEK Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:23 Intro
00:48 Title Screen / Message 1
01:04 Menu
01:11 Unlocking Secret Song 1
01:29 1) Impatience Song (Tarnacop Machine vs Benjamin)
02:15 Face to face
05:13 Story Mode Overworld
05:26 Reading Sign
06:36 2) Newmaker Good Song (Guardian vs Benjamin)
08:06 Message 2
08:22 Checking Folder for Code
08:39 Unlocking Secret
09:11 3) Newmaker Song
10:57 Shadow Monster Man
11:20 4) Obscured Song (Shadow Monster Marvin vs Benjamin)
14:15 5) Care Song (Care vs Benjamin)
15:52 Turns Red
17:32 Creepy Face
17:36 Message 3
18:04 6) Quitter Song (Tiara vs Benjamin)
20:34 Credits & Code
22:22 Corrupted
22:51 Message 4
23:05 7) Investigate Song (Paul vs Benjamin)
25:38 8) Needles Song (Marvin vs Paul)
29:00 9) Abduction Song (Paul vs Care)
31:48 Marvin vs Care
33:08 Captures Care
33:36 10) Dave Song (DH vs C—Boy)
36:35 11) Disk Song (PickleChin vs C—Boy)
39:25 Soundtest
39:52 12) C++ Song | Code 231088 (Luigi vs Mario)
41:45 Winnie The Pooh vs Mario Bros
43:25 13) Matador Song | Code 160910 (Matador vs Benjamin)
45:58 Bunch of Guardians Appear
46:52 14) Delivery Song | Code 121120 (Stanley vs Boy as Bill)
47:15 No more 8bit
47:54 Peter Joins In
48:52 Mint Goes Crazy
50:15 15) Petscop 2 Song | Code 050917 (Pyrocynical vs BF)
53:10 16) Lucha Song | Code 110622 (Schwartson vs Dumbbell Boy)
55:50 17) Petsog Song (Petsog vs BF as BF / Boil)
58:30 All Song Unlocked
58:50 Walking to Nothingness
59:05 All Pets Collection
01:06:47 All Game Over Screens
01:09:17 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Funkscop FULL WEEK below
Visploo – Director, Artist, Programmer:

Betah – Co-Director, Pixel & Concept Artist:

MysticPolygon – Co-Director, Composer, Writer:

Akhirio – Artist, Animator:

Algo – Pixel Artist:

Clodium – Charting:

Clowfoe – Program Help:

Decoy – Program Help:

Fabs_ – Programming, 3D modelling:

gibz679 – Charting:

Gonk – Charting:

Justisaac – Composer:

Kiwiquest – Composer, Artist:

LingoeBingo – Composer:

LuvSeals – Composer:

Ne_Eo – Programmer, 3D rendering and menus, shaders:
Punkett – Composer:

TaeSkull – Composer:

Vania – Composer:

Vruzzen – Composer:

Giftscop Team – Resources
FriendFred3 – 3D help:

Hazelpy – Coding help:

Jefftastic – Voicelines:
Ne_Eo – Programmer, 3D rendering & menus, shaders

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ WEEK 7 All Tankman Death against BF/GF

FNF Pico’s School Edition

FNF VS Whitty Definitive Edition & Secret Song

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD by CommunityGame (2022)
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  1. It’s so sad how much innocent children die. Regardless of this being fake it’s still sad.

  2. lógica de fnf, puedes derrotar a quien sea en batallas rap incluso a alguien como giygas algo que solo pudieron derrotar a punta de rezos

  3. That feeling when you play the mod and become the shadow monster man

  4. By the way, the creator of Petscop has gone out of his way to disprove any of the "Quitter's room being based on real events" theories. So if it offends you, don't worry, because he isn't proud of it either.

  5. In the quitter song when it returns to normal it sounds like a girl screaming.

  6. Awesome. I thought the start menu looked cool

  7. Actually, the Dave and Disk songs reference Sheriff Domestic which is a parody/fanwork of Petscop

  8. nossa senhora man, petscop como um mod full week?? esse eu vou querer jogar! BR aqui.

  9. Pyro just had to be in the mod it would feel empty without him there

  10. ok but quitter had no right to slap that much

  11. Game theory really needs to finish his petscop theory

  12. Wow, the total notes in Impatience is actually 666

  13. 18:05 so never knew about this whole thing, but now I ain't gonna trust no therapists with my kids now-

  14. Petscop being an fnf mod is just so surreal

    I remember watching a video about the petscop lore and when i finished i was like "i genuinely dont think i'll see anything about petscop again, and tbh i dont want to lol, that was unnerving"


  15. 5:02 Has anyone noticed that the song ends at a multiplier of 666?

  16. Those therapists should burn in the underworld for that and the abusive parents like bruh they litterally killed a child they should die a painful death

  17. The guy you rap battle at 33:36 is actually a character from a video called sheriff domestic which is a parody of perscop

  18. investigate is actually based on uh, like, the episode where all the pauls are walking around the house

  19. Delivery is the best joke song in this mod

  20. Absolutely astounding. Attention to detail is absolutely impeccable. Massively impressive.

  21. WHO ELSE THINKS THE MYSTIRIOUS BEEP WAss a part in doomsday in the middle of the doomsday sone from mistful crimson morning

  22. Не думал что этот мод выйдет так рано

  23. What's cool is even the creator of Petscop thought this mod was cool.

  24. I just realized the timestamps are kinda broken.

  25. bravo comuniti games you were inspired by a creepypasta this game is amazing

  26. hey comnt game can i have you word for a private mod ?

  27. God this mod is awesome
    Also impatience gives me missingno vibes

  28. The story behind the term "Quitter" in Petscop still gives me nightmares to this day

  29. Mod for Sans: like there is an open world
    Meanwhile, this mod: 🗿

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