Friday Night Funkin' VS Peppa Pig Pibby Corrupted WEEK (FNF Mod x Come and learn with Pibby !!) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Peppa Pig Pibby Corrupted WEEK (FNF Mod x Come and learn with Pibby !!)

WTF Trolling
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  1. Peppa pig peppa pig peppa pig peppa pig

  2. Se dieron cuenta que el mod se parece mucho a una serie de yt que se llama popa es el mismo diseño xD

  3. Lyrics i guess

    peppa: plz help me bfffff

    bf: its ok ill save yaaaaa

    peppa: IM MAPAPEPPA PIG THsIpEPPApapaapapppppppapapaapp

    Peppa: drowned inside darkness fun will be forever

    bf: oh god peppa what has gone into you

    peppa: what do you mean i am happy and fine now.

    bf: i dont think your fine, please listen to me just fight it back

    peppa: ppapeapa its more fun now we are in the void yay no matter what you will join me

    bf: no i wont just look at me and say you are ok in a void of a unknown abuss

    peppa: what do you mean im havinf a good time in this void you say of i can be just fine here but please join me to see what is feels like and try it for your self

    bf: peppa just fight back this isint your real self just listen and get out of here, your being tricked and you dont know it please take my advice

    peppa: come bf join us
    i promise you wont regret it

    Bf: no i wont join you for the last time i said


    peppa: fine if i cant convince you then i know what will, sacrfices have to be made so ill bring every one here to say hi and make you DIE x2

    Bf: like i said for the hundrenth tine i dont wanna join you in that hellhole as a whole and have to suffer and drown in a abuss so i say no x2

    peppa: im PAEPpAPIg THIsPEPiisMYLI PEPpAtHis IS MY LTILE bROBThaer GORgE PEPPapapaeap GORfgeHSpFePA

  4. This is amazing! ngl peppa was my fav childhood show 😭

  5. Pibby In The Background Notice! But Why Do People Keep Making Horror Out Of Children Show?

  6. I heard her saying "I'm peppa pig!" In a glitchy way at the start then after some rapping I heard her saying "This is my little brother George!" in a glitchy way as well. I wonder if she was trying to introduce her family even though she's corupted

  7. I am literally watching this at night

  8. Peppa comeu lama e ficou assim 😔

  9. i feel like Peppa Tried Protecting George but just failed instantly 💅

  10. Am I the Only One Who Thinks The Alarms In The Background Sound Like The Ones In Your Best Nightmare???

  11. im peppa like and I like to eat bacon 😀

  12. I like how when she's losing she is back to normal like she just uncorrupted herself.

  13. Dude my little sister would cry she loved peppa pig

  14. this reminds me from the past i have always watched peppa pig when my big bro left for school

  15. sans phase 3 i black estudios hendrick ☻︎ says:

    1:50 l̶e̸s҈t҉ g̸o̶ m̸o҈r҉e̸ f̶a̶s̸r҈ ㋛︎㋛︎㋛︎シ︎㋛︎シ︎シ︎㋛︎シ︎

  16. Yoo they even extended to pEhpAh

  17. 2:00 man who gave George rock music hes jamming out

  18. Why is she cute instead of creepy?!

  19. Are you imagine like after this song peppa is still in corrupted form and Georgie and George come in and just start rapping too

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