Friday Night Funkin' VS OMORI BLACKSPACE BOSSRUSH FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (FNF MOD/Hard/2.0) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS OMORI BLACKSPACE BOSSRUSH FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (FNF MOD/Hard/2.0)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS OMORI: BLACKSPACE BOSSRUSH for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. MoonyBalloony – Directed the mod:

This is the same vs Omori mod from a year ago, it finally got a huge
update, filled with so much content, FNF Animation, Cutscenes, secrets, insanely cool mechanic and so much more. I’ll be playing week 1 on hikki, but I’ll play weeks 2 and 3 on very hard. In this mod, Omori got scarier and someone kidnapped Girlfriend when Boyfriend wasn’t looking. Will BF manage to save GF? Let’s find out.

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. OMORI: BLACK SPACE BOSS RUSH:

Extra 2 Songs:

Game Note: After facing off against OMORI in their first encounter, BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND find themselves somewhere else… Somewhere… New. WELCOME TO BLACK SPACE.
Based on the RPG game OMORI, BLACK SPACE BOSS RUSH is a COMPLETE OVERHAUL of the original VS. OMORI with TWO NEW STORY WEEKS. Sing your way from door to door as you explore BLACK SPACE, and meet all sorts of strange faces along the way… Will BOYFRIEND be able to find the truth… Though, more importantly… Will he be able to handle it?

Six new main week songs, over two new weeks: BLACK SPACE and RED SPACE.
A complete overhaul to WEEK 1: BF’s Funkin’ Whitespace.
An EMOTION SYSTEM, wherein OMORI and others may take advantage of your character’s EMOTIONS mid-song!
SPOILERS FOR OMORI!!! Like, a LOT of them.
And hey, who knows? Maybe even a few surprises, too.

You should try the actual game
OMORI Console Trailer:

00:00 Game Over Animation + Song Preview
01:08 Intro
01:20 Title Screen
01:31 Menu 1 (White Space)
01:43 Week 1 Remastered
01:51 Cutscenes 1
02:31 1) Headspace Song (OMORI vs BF)
04:48 Cutscenes 2
05:41 2) Reverie Song (OMORI vs BF)
07:52 Cutscenes 3
08:36 Mechanic (Emotion System)
08:49 3) Guilty Song (OMORI vs BF)
09:13 Omori Furious
09:32 BF Sad
10:35 BF Miserable
11:19 BF Happy
12:06 Welcome to black space
12:48 Menu 2 (Black Space)
13:02 Animation 1 (Week 2)
14:08 4) Arisen Song (Hellmari vs BF)
15:21 Glitches
15:55 Disappears
16:07 Open World RPG
16:33 Door 1
16:37 Cutscenes 4
17:24 5) Abyssal Song (Abbi vs BF)
18:57 BF & GF Happy
20:27 Cutscenes 5
21:07 Exploring
21:34 Door 2
21:37 Cutscenes 6
22:57 6) Ailurophobia Song (Bulter vs Angry BF)
26:00 Door 3
26:04 Cutscenes 7
26:11 7) Affection Song (Something vs BF)
27:57 Became a Monster
29:11 Red Door (Week 3)
29:17 Cutscenes 8
30:29 8) Atypical Song (Stranger vs BF)
32:10 Transformation
32:51 Blizzard
33:22 Cutscenes 9
34:17 Cutscenes 10
35:22 9) Alter Song (OMORI vs BF)
35:58 GF Appears & BF Afraid
39:53 Ending
40:05 10) Finale Song (There is also a playable ver.)
40:08 Basil, BF & Sunny Sings
43:31 Freeplay
43:52 Code Red
43:56 Press Space
44:07 11) Sanguine Song (True Hellmari vs BF)
47:11 Menu 3 (Red Space)
47:25 Code Air Conditioning
47:31 12) AC Song (hum with letter p vs bf)
49:52 Code Hector
49:56 13) Quartz Quarrel Song (Hector vs Kel)
51:21 Code SweetJellyFilledDonut or ohoho
51:31 14) Ohoho Song (Sweetheart vs Omori)
53:42 Access Secret Song
53:44 15) Take Home Song (Rena Ryuugu vs Ci)
55:36 16) Headspace Stahl Remix Song
57:44 17) Reverie Stahl Remix Song
59:55 18) Headspace Kamex Remix Song
01:03:05 Important Codes
01:07:43 Entering Secret Level
01:08:41 Credit
01:09:03 Game Over Animation
01:09:20 EXTRA 2 SONGS + Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS OMORI x FNF FULL WEEK below
VS OMORI 2.0 FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

MoonyBalloony – Directed the mod:

OMOCAT – Creating OMORI:

(Timestamp took a lot of characters so I can’t
write anymore, but I showed credit in the video)

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Whitty – Definitive Edition & Secret Song

FNF Aubrey, Kel & Hero vs Omori & Basil – Friend Battle (FNF Mod) (OMORI x FNF)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD by CommunityGame (2022)
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  1. 48:10 I just noticed that there is an axe for the sail instead of an actual sail 0-0

  2. Hum with letter p really knows how to sing

  3. Omori: litteraly everything here is either black or white
    Gf and bf: NOT ANYMORE

  4. The music can perfectly say the emotion except fifth song it does not change at all maybe significant one’s

  5. Bro in his omori phase🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💀💀💀

  6. For not knowing how to spit bars… The butler is crazy good at it

  7. how do you get it working because i tried MULTIPLE engines and none worked

  8. I was skipping the preview but then RENA

  9. “There isn’t a perfect mod” the mod:

  10. bro speedran black space in 12 minutes 💀

  11. I was expecting this to be 20 hours cuz omori is 20 hours :<

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