Friday Night Funkin' VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta (FNF Mod/Godzilla.EXE/Scratch) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta (FNF Mod/Godzilla.EXE/Scratch)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta & Godzilla.EXE Too Scratch | Also known as Kaiju for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD.
CumiNashe – Director:

The NES Godzilla Video Game Creepypasta is regarded as one of the scariest internet horror stories of all time, this time Boyfriend and Girlfriend will play the Godzilla Nes Creepypasta from their couch and BF & GF will control Godzilla & Mothra. Red spider is not in the mod yet.

Vs Friday Night Monster Of Monsters: Madden Attack Mod Download:

Game Note: – Mod based on Nes Godzilla Creepypasta in a silly rhythm game! Since this is a demo only we added the cast of Mars and two extras, in the future we gonna add more stuff from the original story.

Song References:
1) Godzilla NES: The Most Disturbing Creepypasta of All Time
2) Godzilla.EXE (Scratch version) playthrough
3) Game Boy Godzilla:
4) NES Godzilla Creepypasta Alternate Ending
5) Godzilla analog horror – Instance #1:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:25 Message
00:35 Warning
00:39 Title Screen
00:50 Menu
00:57 Freeplay | All Songs
01:06 1) Too Scratch (Godzilla.EXE vs BF)
01:25 They Sing
01:50 Godzilla reveals himself
02:37 Too Scratch 1
02:47 Too Scratch 2
02:58 I killed your Girlfriend, I AM GOD!
03:21 Screams Again, BF sounds sad
04:04 End
04:20 Story Mode
04:35 Cutscene 1
05:13 Cutscene 2
05:40 2) Amoeba (VS Gezora)
06:58 Taken down
07:06 Glitch Begins
07:12 Overworld
07:57 3) Bad Omen (VS Gezora)
08:42 He begins to glitch
09:24 Glitch becomes worse
09:48 Taken down
10:14 4) Bad Signal (VS Moguera)
11:59 He begins to glitch
12:47 Taken down
13:04 5) Out of place (VS TitanoSurus)
15:15 My favorite part
16:28 Taken down
16:43 Credit
17:39 Replaying story as Mothra
17:49 6) Bad Omen
18:35 Glitch 1
19:16 Glitch 2
19:40 Taken down
19:57 7) Bad Signal
21:42 Glitch 1
22:30 Taken down
22:44 8) Out of place
24:55 Best Part
26:08 Taken down
26:35 9) America Port (VS Godzilla Kun)
28:08 Sounds a bit cool
28:46 Godzilla becomes angry
29:35 10) Deus EX Machina (Xolta vs Red 2nd form aka John Madden)
30:33 Plays Piano Keyboard
31:10 Plays Guitar
31:48 Throws Guitar
32:08 Screams
32:29 Taken down & NES Explode
33:03 11) First Instance (Analog horror: The Suitmation Trails)
33:24 Rap begins | Are you alone?
33:44 Godzilla has a seizure
34:13 Godzilla Movie
35:32 All Game Over Animations
37:08 Cheat Code
37:37 Outro – CommunityGame

Monster Of Monsters Unknown Attack – Links to Mod Devs | Credit:

CumiNashe – Artist and director
EL GAMER POBRE – Artist and co-director
Yesntisaduck! – Programmer
Lyfer! – Musician
Hyporious – Musician
Wilde – Charter
Zinkk99 – Musician
anticrista2007 – Artist
Ghost1843397 – Charter
Mele – Artist
iseta – Artist
DestrioSZ – Artist
Re_Thinkin – Artist
DaThree_O – Artist
@KrimCLmusic – Music
Dumbiedumbie on ng – Artist
Teethlust – Artist
scrumbo_ – Chromatic
DevilousHavoc – Charter
MadzillaKOTH – Artist
SkoomBaBoom – Artist
LeCherlok – Artist
CamDev – Artist
Cosbydaf – Author of the creepypasta
JokasDroid2 – Musician

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

FNF VS Obunga Beatbox Meme | Nico Bots DEMO (Roblox Nico’s Nextbots)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. He siad who’s the boss now I killed your girlfriend I am god

  2. During Too Scratch Sinzilla actually said Boyfriend.xml

  3. Godzilla: I killed your girlfriend!
    Bf: but she's still moving

  4. Really Godzilla you say thank you kill the boyfriend's girlfriend but then you do the sonic.exe meme saying you are God? no!!!! You are not God!!!!! Doraema

  5. Godzilla's low voice makes sense since he is a monster.
    And Mothra's vpice is higher, which also makes sense because she is just a anthropod kaiju lol.

  6. Just to tell ya

    The Godzilla NES is no joke
    It's a very amazing moe ngl
    Imagine if dues ex machina was not a joke song
    It would be great
    But my favorite song is actually first instance

  7. I like this mod tho I wish Red was in it

  8. Where is red the finale boss if the creepypasta game

  9. First instance is scary that he scared me a lot and nightmares

  10. Me when i realized that the words under the fight were zacharys ones

  11. I don’t understand the first one but from what I do understand, Godzilla says that he killed his girlfriend, and also does the iconic sonic.exe line I am god

  12. I don’t understand the first one but from what I do understand, Godzilla says that he killed his girlfriend, and also does the iconic sonic.exe line I am god

  13. The REAL scarlet king • 67y ago 🎃 says:

    Who else thinks red (nes godzilla) deserves his own analog horror not sonic.exe

  14. Who else thought this creepypasta was underrated?

  15. ngl godzilla screaming at his enemy till it dies goes hard

  16. q pro la piba muriéndose y el nene juega igual XD

  17. I'm impressed by the fact that they made Godzilla from The Suitmation Trials look more interesting in the mod than in the analog series itself.

  18. bro i rlly like ultraman its my childhood

  19. Director here glad for this upload……

    Thanks very muchjhhj alsoo if u asking for red, he gonna be added on the next update the song is made by churgeny gregurgney

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