Friday Night Funkin' VS Hypno's Lullaby 2.0 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/Pokemon Lost Silver/MissingNo/Horror) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Hypno’s Lullaby 2.0 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/Pokemon Lost Silver/MissingNo/Horror)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Hypno’s Lullaby x Pokemon The Lost Silver x MissingNo x Dawn x Red x Gold FULL WEEK for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD.
Banbuds – Director:

Hypno’s Lullaby 2.0 mod recently got canceled due to some little drama. It was supposed to be released on Halloween for Spooky Month BUT! It doesn’t feel like a cancelled mod with the amount of content that’s in this build. They might have removed a few assets and a song or 2 but everything seems to be complete.

They added a bunch of FNF animation and there is a lot of game over animation as well. As like with V1 start off the battle against Hypno from Hypno’s Lullaby creepypasta & you can hear the lavender town theme in his song, 2nd week we battle gold from Pokemon the Lost Silver, and in the 3rd week we battle MissingNo from pokemon yellow/red/blue. Then there are a bunch of other songs like Dawn, Red, Gold, Jigglypuff/Purin, Wigglypuff & many more pokemon characters.

This mod is as awesome as Friday Night Trepidation 1.5! Girlfriend even finds Boyfriend in this mod! Will bf & gf manage to escape this creepypasta?

FNF VS Hypno’s Lullaby 2.0 Cancelled Build

Game Note by Banbuds: Happy Halloween everyone! Boyfriend is missing late at night, GF is worried about him & went looking for him by herself.

“Safety Lullaby” was heavily based on Hypno’s Lullaby Creepypasta song made by TrainerDerek:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Hypno’s Lullaby 2.0 Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:15 Sad Message (hope they all makeup later*)
00:39 Title Screen
00:59 Menu
01:07 Week 1
01:24 1) Safety Lullaby Song | Remastered (Hypno vs Girlfriend)
03:59 2) Left Unchecked Song | Remastered
07:09 FNF Animation 1
07:18 3) Lost Cause Song (GF Finds BF Alive)
07:45 Hypno Phase 3
10:33 Shop Unlocked
10:46 Empty Pokedex
10:58 Visiting Shop
11:27 All Items Description
12:34 Week 2 (Buy item in shop to unlock)
12:40 How to beat Red mechanic
12:52 4) Frostbite Song (Gold & Typhlosion vs RED)
14:21 Summons Pikachu
15:48 Jumpscare
16:09 5) Insomnia Song (VS Silver)
21:10 Gold mechanic
21:16 FNF Animation 2
21:21 6) Monochrome Song Remastered (VS Gold)
23:47 Monochrome Extended
25:50 Shop | let’s Buy items and use it
26:05 7) Isotope Song (VS Glitchy Red)
28:35 They took Everything
29:40 Shop
29:52 8) Dissension Song (Steven vs Mike)
30:42 He Appears
31:44 Good Bye!
33:15 Shop | Buying Flame
33:25 Shop
33:40 9) Death Toll Song (Dawn vs Beezlebub w/ Hellbell)
35:40 Dawn Fading
36:10 Dawn turns into BF
36:53 Power Down
37:09 Shop
37:23 10) Amusia Song (Wigglytuff vs Ponyta)
38:28 Switch Side!
40:10 Uh oh
41:04 Shop
41:29 Choose your character!
41:44 11) Pasta Night Song (MX vs Lord X vs Hypno)
44:40 Shop
45:00 12) Bygone Purpose (Smol Hypno)
46:55 Memories (Trainer: Girl Alexis )
47:05 It’s going to be ok
48:38 Enter Heaven w/ Garcello
48:52 Shop
49:11 FNF Animation 3
49:24 13) Shinto Song (Abomination Hypno vs Grey)
52:38 FNF Animation 4 | Throws Pokeball
53:11 14) Shitno Song (Vs Shitno)
53:45 I’m here!
57:41 How to Unlock Secret Week
58:02 Gallery
58:21 All Weeks
58:34 Playing Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red
59:06 Surf Glitch
59:15 15) Missingno Song | Remastered
1:00:00 Missingno
1:02:50 16) Brimstone Song (Buried Alive)
1:04:01 I Choose You! Gengar
1:04:50 I Choose You! Missingno
1:05:52 Green
1:06:15 I Choose You! Muk
1:06:55 White Hands
1:07:12 Shapeshift hands into fake GF
1:09:08 Secret Song Info
1:09:30 Shop
1:09:42 17) Purin Song (Jigglypuff vs Pico)
1:13:14 Complete Pokedex (All Pokemon)
1:17:37 All Freeplay Animations
1:19:20 All Menu Easter Eggs
1:21:31 All Shop Keeper Dialogues
1:24:01 Pasta Night Comparison
1:26:52 All Misses & Game Over Animations
1:32:16 Extra in playlist | Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS FNF Lullaby Mod below
Banbuds – Director, Artist, Animator, VA:
TheInnuendo – Composer
Scorchvx – Lead Artist
Yoshhubs – Lead Programmer
Sector – Programmer
Popcorn Colonel – Artist/programmer
River – Art/Music/Animator
Henryra – Artist
Adrix – ??
Vachildish – ??
Xooplord – Artist
Mr Nol – Music
Joedoughboi – BG
KadeDeveloper – Code?
Jacaris – Composer/VA
Razencro – Video Editor

Adam Mchummus


Marco Antonio
Uncle Jeol

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FNF VS Jeff The Killer x Slenderman x Pokemon (Scary/Horror)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022)
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  1. (me when I see this) repeats the whole entire video until my day is over :im a big fan Hypnos lullaby 2:

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  4. Hey CommunityGame. How can GF survive without getting Hypno's face covering the screen? Did you use the Spacebar?

  5. Ngl, who would name a frickin creepypasta character BEEZLEBUB? 😂😂😂😂

  6. This is probably one of the best mod ive ever seen, sadly it got cancelled.

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    7мл посмотело это видео и не кто не сомедил леопарда. Пи@%@!

  12. I saw that in lost cause GF Just Drop BF But Hpyno appears

  13. 30 minutes to beat thats long mine is keep failing

  14. one of the coders here, it was fun to work on the project for the time being lol

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