Friday Night Funkin' VS Huggy Wuggy Phase 2 (FNF Mod) (Poppy Playtime) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Huggy Wuggy Phase 2 (FNF Mod) (Poppy Playtime)

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00:00 Huggy Wuggy Jumpscare
00:11 Intro
00:32 Playtime Song
04:22 Playground Song
06:28 Play Song
08:16 Outro

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  1. Why is the second song so wierd?

  2. The fanmade songs are not that great, but I do appreciate the thought of adding more songs to this mod. Playtime is an absolute masterpiece and in my opinion nails the tone of Poppy's Playtime.

  3. Que buena música la escucho como 12.45. Mil veces xd

  4. huggy wuggy CUTEEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Una pregunta si pones pausa cuando abre la boca ven una cosa cuadrada ese es el chip que es de los niños es su alma

  6. Poppy playtime is gonna get more popular then fnaf…

  7. he's voice is kinda like a child-ish voice its kinda like a textured voice with a childs voice and a grown up voice.

  8. Donna 's the first to admit they had not be there soon I don't get paid tomorrow to have it ready?or you ok

  9. lo tenia en botplay pero se gano el me gusta

  10. Meda miedo cuando jugi bugi se pone su parte 2

  11. Oh hell no u better stop bish stap AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH says:

    His voice is so nastolgic to me I swear I heard it before.

  12. I actually really like the last two fanmade songs! it takes guts to finish someone else’s mod that has only one (especially good) song because, inevitably, people are going to heavily criticize it for not being as good. I think they did fairly well! there’s obvious starecrown inspiration, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing! the atmosphere is creepy, the voice change is believable, and overall the songs are pretty decent. maybe the kick is unnecessary but it’s not terribly distracting. I’ll probably always find the first song better, but I still applaud the fan!

  13. Phase 2 should be renamed Huggy has a seizure.

  14. 123321 пошол нафиг я картун кет

  15. Man i love this song like the intro song w

  16. It starts off with an amazing first song, but then it only goes downhill from there. Hopefully the creator makes a follow-up to this, I know they already have a lot of potential.

  17. I think I know what happen do you know why people I know why the other you know why people are posting not trying to take away the new thing is they use another thing with a cover I’m going on my mind I’m gonna be angry at everyone I will say delete the video now

  18. Playground is made with fl studio or fl studio mobile.

  19. No words can explain how amazing this mod truly is. The older version of Huggy Wuggy was already cool enough, and now we got something even better! From the small details you get from pressing notes to having this “3D environment” as shown in the song, “Triple Trouble”, was really a step forward for this games community. I am a huge fan of those added details that were put into this mod to boost the players experience as well as the extra cutscenes that were inserted here too. I’m sure many can agree with me, but us as a community truly thank the mod developers for their time and effort that was all put into this mod just for people to simply play it, and enjoy it. Looking back now, it’s crazy to see how amazing these mod ideas have become along with the amount of dedication the mod developers put into this. All of you, really, you guys deserve a big ol-thanks for bringing us such an outstanding mod. Things like this will most definitely get more players into the FNF scene and keep the community as a whole thriving even longer.

  20. Icahn school tomorrow I don't comment you today I'll see you after school:-) I will be back April face my dog named Wawa

  21. Can anyone see that he is using botplay to make this? P.S he didn't wanna practice so he decided using "BotPlay"

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