Friday Night Funkin' VS Goku Week (FNF MOD/Hard/DEMO) (Dragon Ball Z/DBZ Anime Mod) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Goku Week (FNF MOD/Hard/DEMO) (Dragon Ball Z/DBZ Anime Mod)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Goku for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle Goku from Dragon Ball Z made by Burn-Out, and Master Roshi and Krillin will be watching the battle from the sideline. We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for Goku songs which is only 1 atm since it’s just a demo, but if there is enough support the mod creator will make it into a full week with game cutscenes. If this mod becomes popular I can see Goku teaming up with Shaggy.

Vs Goku Mod Download:

I believe this is the 2nd DBZ mod we’ve received in the FNF community, the first being Piccohoe. There’s also a 3rd one about to be made which is Goku from Dragon Ball Z Abridged Series and I think someone is working on a Vegeta mod as well since last April.

Game Note: Hey, it’s me! Face anime’s greatest hero head-on in this single song demo! Depending on the feedback, this might be made into a full mod!

I’m pretty sure the song that’s playing in this mod is from the Dragon Ball GT ending theme or is it from Dragon Ball z Kai opening theme?

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Goku Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Goku Animation Scene
00:12 Broken Limits Song (Goku vs BF)
02:14 Song List
02:18 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for Vs Goku (Full Week Demo) below
Vs Goku Mod Download:
Burn-Out – Animator, Artist, Charter, Composer and Coder:

Special Thanks to KadeDeveloper:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:
Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes & Game Over Screens:

Friday Night Funkin’ Pico’s School Edition

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Full Game, but The Mom Sings it:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Shaggy (Rematch) [2.0 UPDATE]

Shaggy x Matt HD final destination:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Shaggy 2.5 Ultimate:

Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD by CommunityGame (2021)

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  1. It would be cool if when the Beatdrop happens Goku say's: "¡KAIOKEN!"

  2. Este es uno de mis mod favoritos junto el de tricky y wii deteled you

  3. Yo aún sigo esperando lo de el mod de Naruto

  4. A 10/10 just for the Dragon Soul remix.

  5. This db kai op 1 song it's really brings back a lot of memories ❤❤

  6. Likeing dragonball is way different then likeing anime

  7. is it just me, or am I from castellano?

  8. It's cool how bf is looking at goku over all this mod is good but it's short though looking forward for a new update

  9. Goku and always in a good mood unless he's fighting someone

  10. 1:27 souns familiar… broken ta-limits

    No brick stacking here

  11. I wonder if there'll be a vs Vegeta

  12. Me pregunto como seria majin goku pero no de la serie sino de la forma de majin sonic

  13. dragon ball z que lo derrote
    , mas que eso siempre gana bf.

  14. If anyone said "ITS GOKU FROM FNF" im hunting them down

  15. If goku doesnt go mui last song im gonna be sad

  16. Bro when we getting vs future trunks

  17. Vamos no nos detengamos, con la fuerza a nuestro lado

  18. I hope we will have FNF in Power Battle Watch Car version someday:((

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