Friday Night Funkin' VS Glitched Legends FULL WEEK (Learn With Pibby x FNF Mod) (PVZ/Red/Peashooter) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Glitched Legends FULL WEEK (Learn With Pibby x FNF Mod) (PVZ/Red/Peashooter)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Glitched Legends FULL WEEK (DEMO/BETA) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time BF and Pibby have managed to save GF so now they can all team up against the glitch.
Dusttoybonnie – Director:

BF, GF, and Pibby fight off the corrupted glitch once again but this time the Plant vs Zombies Peashooter, Red (Angry Birds), Ben 10, and Gravity Falls Bill Cipher are corrupted and starts siding with the other corrupted characters: Tom and Jerry, Vicky & Timmy (Fairly OddParents), Monika, Pico. This time Girlfriend is saved and not Pibbiefied in this universe.

FNF Vs glitched legends Glitch Pibby Mod (BETA/DEMO) Mod Download:

Game Note: Corruption is near… the legends have fallen into darkness, can you save them (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney)? or better yet beat them in this popular rhythm game? Note: in the options/effects there is an option called shaders, if you are very laggy I recommend that you deactivate it so it will not be so heavy and enjoy it. And yes, there is no downscroll because of some bug things, I hope that does not affect much.

We’ll be playing Glitched Legends Mod on very hard, so many songs. Will Boyfriend & Girlfriend be able to beat these glitch characters? Let’s find out!

These weeks first appeared in the following leaks:
Vs Red and peashooter (leak)
Vs pibby (tom-leak)
Vs Vicky and Timmy (leak)
Vs ben 10 FNF-Leak
Vs Gravity Falls (leak)

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Glitched Legends FULL WEEK Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:28 Intro
00:38 Title Screen
00:56 Week List
01:17 It’s Hero Time (VS Corrupted Ben 10)
03:55 Upgraded Song
07:03 Otherworldly Open Song (VS Bill Cipher)
09:26 Glitched Falls Song (VS Corrupted Dipper Pines & Mabel Pines)
12:02 Mystery Twins Song
14:48 Glitchmageddon Song (Vs Corrupted Bill Cipher)
16:36 Birds and Botany Song (VS Corrupted Red & Peashooter)
20:12 Mouse Chase Song (VS Corrupted Tom)
22:04 Pratfallen Song
25:29 Wish Come True Song (VS Corrupted Vicky)
27:18 Timmy Joins (Half Corrupted)
28:12 Worth Wishing For Song (VS Corrupted Timmy)
32:41 Blammed Pibby Song (Vs Corrupted Pico)
34:28 RGB Blammed
36:23 Missing Anomalies Song (Vs Corrupted Monika)
37:53 Freddy Fazbear & Sans
38:13 Shadow Bonny
38:29 Dust Toy Bonnie (OC)
39:16 Credit
39:50 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Glitched Legends below
VS Glitched Legends (No Cutscenes) Download:

Pibby Directors:
Dusttoybonnie – spriter, coder

Mr Fazbear – coder

Monika – spriter animations

Jiwox –
TallTricky –
ziro ultimate –
luftballon –

Abldi – h
Arthur nass –

Bruh-man –
Sanc –
kelpek –

Omegafinn –
Frak –
Blue –

Shadow Mario – Psych Engine Creator:
RiverOaken – Art for Psych Engine:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Quotes:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022)
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  1. Gennnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll el mmmmoooddd

  2. fernando and gancha life y gamer lengendary bloods says:

    Corruted ice bird

  3. jerry sobrevivio like si cren que si 😗

  4. Dr. Zomboss I dont think u should have tord in ur robot thing Best

  5. i actually played it on 1.25 but it sounded normal

  6. 5:01 ready? Set! Go!

    Ben 10: agwgdwiwhwaowjwpabw

    Boyfriend: okay


  7. On the missing anomalies and I just heard a narrow song that was from all back before

  8. wow eres esperto en fnf on que ablo en español pero beo tus bideos es tan chulos

  9. IoI 🤔fnf mod 🟩 🟩

  10. Looks like jerry much more currupted than the others

  11. Oh this mod friday funkin cooll so now illl will seee pibbby how coooll shee are?

  12. Omg its Girlfriend why shes scared?

  13. Okey theres pibby so i likee pibbby on the playing with pibbby😑

  14. If Timmy is smart why doesn’t he just wish that the glitch was never there

  15. I found a secret in the losing icon of Timmy he has a normal eye and he Is crying

  16. I love this version of BF. His poses are really slick too. Seriously, the little man has got the moves! 🥰😍🤩

  17. I’ve seen a lot of pibby mods, and this is one of the better ones.

  18. Are we gonna talk about how Ben's winning icon looks like Diego (Dora the explorer's cousin)

  19. por que aparecen otros personajes glitcheados y no estan en el mod😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  20. se dieron cuenta que aya está bombón el aprende con pibbi

  21. En la grieta de la primera canción de gravity falls de Bill cipher se cansa ver el escudo de Steve de Minecraft

  22. también ya se dieron cuenta de que donde dise graviti falls está bendi y cuphead

  23. tutututuuuuututututururrurururuurururur

  24. Did nobody see that bon-bon and indie cross (only cuphead and bendy) in the backgrounds of glitchmaggedon

  25. Is it me or bf have the sword of o mens at his back?

  26. Thank you very much for playing the mod!

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