Friday Night Funkin vs Glitch Cat Tom (FNF MOD/HARD) -

Friday Night Funkin vs Glitch Cat Tom (FNF MOD/HARD)

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  1. the music is very trash, i have nothing to do but this is the world's worst mod ever made.

  2. fnf fans be like: HOLY SHIT THIS SONG SLAPS HARD

  3. this song goes hard

    feel free to report it

  4. What is this sound he can’t speak this is terrible 😤 1/10 mod

  5. I'd rather listen to metal being scraped on a chalkboard

  6. If i caught my children watching this i would burn them in hell

  7. Awful mod, but I like background music.

  8. This is fake is fanmade the real song fake

  9. song is sad tom:tom and jerrry tom and jerry tom and jerry.
    sounds are sad

  10. lyrics sounds sad but ı made it:tom and jerry tom and jerry tom and jerry tom and jerry

    jerry jerrry jerry tell you tell you

    jerrry jerry jerry jeryy

    jerryyyyyyy jery y y y y y y y jery yy y y y y y y y

    did jerry did jerry did jerrry did

    jerry yyy jerryy A A A A jerry jerryyy A A A A

  11. If you pitched the BF vocals to match the song it would be fine

  12. I'm sorry, can I talk to creator of the mod? Beacuse he is used the instrumental of our song mod.

  13. Haganle un remasted a la canción y a Tom xD

  14. At first, I thought this mod was purposely bad.

  15. your most nightmare if you ship F and Njazzy as C says:

    This is a glitch virus actually I hate that so it’s ruining my day

  16. The instrumental is actually pretty good!
    Can’t say the same for the vocals…

  17. This has to be a joke mod there's just no way the song makers, the artist, the charters, thought this was ok.


  19. Have glitching killer gamer bear whitening

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