Friday Night Funkin': VS Baby FULL WEEK + Cutscenes + Ending [FNAF Horror Mod/HARD] FNF x FNAF Mod -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Baby FULL WEEK + Cutscenes + Ending [FNAF Horror Mod/HARD] FNF x FNAF Mod

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Baby from Friday Night At Freddy’s has come to Friday Night Funkin’ in VS Baby Mod. The story: BF and GF encountered a strange looking animatronic in a pizza restaurant. BF accidently woke it up and boy oh boy… He’s gonna regret it big time. This mod comes with horrifying cutscenes, 2 parts (2 songs: Turtle Crusher and Something Is Wrong With Me), one bonus song and many familiar faces from FNAF. Chartings and songs are not so good but still give the horror vibe. This is version 1.0 so I really hope it will be improved in the next updates. Enjoy!

Creator’s Note: This is a mod inspired by the fifth installment of five nights at freddy’s.

00:00 Opening Cutscene Preview
00:17 Intro
00:28 Menu & Week List
00:36 Opening Cutscene
00:54 Turtle Crusher Song (BF vs Baby)
2:47 Cutscene 2 (the Incident)
3:11 Something Is Wrong With Me Song (BF vs Baby)
5:25 Ending Cutscene
6:11 Bonus Song: Nightmares (BF vs Baby)
8:40 Death Animation (First Two Songs)
8:52 Death Animation (Bonus Song)
9:01 Menu Music + Outro

Friday Night Funkin vs Baby Version 1.0

Creator: The Vctr


  1. Nightmare baby doesn't exist she can't hurt you

    Nightmare baby:

  2. No one:
    Nightmare baby: *s l a p*

  3. The mod is Good, But The Charting…

  4. What impossible bf and gf should always alive >:( also bf is not evil

  5. I like how when baby is a nightmare she slaps bf like DAFUQ

  6. Ima be honest
    Click more for my opinion

    But this mod is kinda a disappointment
    Idk it really doesn’t sound good but I guess the art is rlly good except how big and gf don’t mix with the lighting

  7. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼

  8. Not Going to lie im So Familiar to the afton Family.

  9. FNAF:The Robots Don't Exist Becuase They Stare At You Like Starecrown But They Are


  10. I see GF got another speaker after ballistic happened.

  11. The sprites are cool, the backround is nice, but charting, and music.. i would really change that for it to look better
    Sometimes there are arrows when there shouldn't be any, and vice versa, there are NO arrows when there should be some

  12. Well this mod a bit disappointed because ending was soo bad but i love it 20/10

  13. this mod has really good animations and backrounds the only problem i have with this tho is the songs there kinda boring and off beat

  14. Need a big update on the chart and the songs but daam if they do it this mod will be pretty amazing ngl

  15. Man this gives me nostalgia of fnaf,good times…

  16. Well I like cirus baby but this one is bad I don't like it I like cirus baby help people and some cute pictures from her

  17. Esto no seria canon porque BF no es michael aparte baby nunca se unio a los otros solo se desactivo

  18. Wow i think if i play is gonna be so hard._.

  19. ngl turtle crusher mapping is kinda just spam and doesnt match the actual song

  20. i wouldn't say it's bad, just, not good
    circus baby's mic hand is a bit weird since she has no arm, also the music is awfully bad, the animation are also choppy, and don't even get me started on the charting, but it has serious potential

  21. The charting definitely need some work but other than that is great! btw the assets of baby is really good XD.

  22. The songs have like the same beat and rhythm and makes it boring

  23. Is it just me or is the charting way off from the music

  24. Death animations here are some of the best I've seen to far.

  25. now girlfriend possed baby and bf is a zombie

  26. Sound familiar like a character sound not talking about song like sound of character

  27. 5:46

    boyfriend is dead
    no more fnf

    (few seconds later) wait what

  28. i am not mean im just saying the truth……………………………………….. Baby s voice is trash

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