Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Wiki Sans [Change] - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Wiki Sans [Change] – FNF MODS [HARD]

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Submitter: hexar_0

B3GF_Simp – Director, Charter

hexar_0 – Coder

AmazeinG666 – Artist

bup – Musician

Draco () – Made the original sans vocals

paintedhen () – Creator of Wiki Sans

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  1. I feel like this game isn’t About being fun anymore its just making damn near impossible levels lol. They’re still cool so I give em that

  2. As an undertale fan i reel bad for not knowing what the hell wiki sans is

  3. Interesting choice for the voice and I vibe with the art choice as well
    I suppose I'll watch their career with great interest

  4. I like how sans is looking at the screen like I see you watching the video

  5. Give me some lore guys

  6. Who knew that wiki sans would be here I sure as hell didn't

  7. -𝕀𝟛𝟘𝕃𝕀𝕀̈ℤ̇𝟛𝟘ℕ̃- •𝔸́𝕋ℂ́𝔻𝔸̃• says:

    1:23 one minute twenty three minutes left

  8. I know this is wiki sans but this sounds like a song from friday night funkin dusttale mod and how is he opening his mouth

  9. I can't seem to find anything on wiki sans but i love his design

  10. I never seen this version of sans
    I wonder what AU he came from

  11. so nobody gonna talk about wiki sans defeat icon?

    i think he is watching my soul

  12. for those who don't know: "wiki sans" is a corrupted gif of sans saying "do you think even the worst person can change" from the undertale wiki

    his dialogue portrait only shows his eyes leading to a lot people drawing him as sans with judgement hall lighting covered in shadows

    there was also another version of sans saying "so, i've got a question for ya." but more corrupted lacking teeth, having yellow eyes and having dark yellow pixels (like photo-negative mickey's yellow blood) leaking from his eyes

  13. I’ve been seeing Wiki Sans all over Twitter lately. He’s apparently supposed to scour through the Undertale Wiki page and is very obsessed with the lore. That’s all I know lol

  14. 𝙴𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚑 𝙳𝚎𝚏𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜 says:

    This wiki is really sus because he can look to you and he can't kill you like the normal sans

  15. The origins of this version of Sans is really interesting, for a sec I thought this was some undertale AU that was forgotten lmao. The sprites look chilling and the song was a bop too!

  16. That's the most scary mod of Undertale I've ever seen so far

  17. I love how they changed the perspective instead of just making a normal sans song
    Gives this song the same unqiuely eerie vibes of the wiki sans image

  18. People who think this is pibby sans, it's not

  19. This kinda reminds me of the creepypasta version of him called Error! Sans

  20. Since we can't see Boyfriend's face, he might be corrupted too…

  21. Wiki Sans is another AU variant omg
    Edit: nvm he started off as a corrupted gif of the protagonist meeting Sans from the Judgement Hall in the Genocide Route.

  22. Well that's was a Pretty Good Wiki Sans mod I really like the Perspective You have when your facing Sans that's cool But everything else is great to again A Pretty Great mod

  23. Play to fridaynight bob and bosip epesode 2 ex please

  24. Cuando sacarás un nos nuevo de Mickey mouse, en serio ya muero por otro mod de mickey

  25. can't believe he was just an drawing made by someone that noticed the glitch on the wiki days ago

  26. Its a bit creepy to see wiki sans looking RIGHT AT US from time to time

  27. Gegcoin you should try out Friday Night Shitposting (VS Davihh) [FULL WEEK] sorry for a lot of words :/

  28. Wake me when there’s an Aggretsuko mod coming out

  29. Wiki sense could probably have a rp session with amalgamate jevil with that smile

  30. Ok… What is Wiki Sans!?
    This is another New AU Sans, What is it WikiTale?
    Wiki Sans Reminds Me of a more Demented Error Sans…
    What is Wiki Sans, Is it a New AU!?

  31. love how wiki sans is exploding in popularity already even though it's only been 2 weeks

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