Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Updike V2 [OFFICIAL UPDATE] - Remorse Whitty Secret Song [FNF MODS] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Updike V2 [OFFICIAL UPDATE] – Remorse Whitty Secret Song [FNF MODS]

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The official remaster of the secret Whitty character, Gabriel Updike, and his only song, Remorse.
Complete with a rewritten story and updated designs.

Submitter: sock.clip

Main artist, animator, musician: sock.clip

Charter, programmer: Stank_Fielld

Creator of Psych Engine: Shadow Mario

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. With Updike back, I'll might start making fanart of him.

  2. This new design looks like a cloud version of Kingpin from Into the Spider-Verse

  3. Damn updike you need to stop eatting so many Mac Donald's

  4. Im not exactly a fan of the new Design He Looks Like King Pin from spiderman.

  5. K so is Updike still hunting down Whitty? sry haven’t been up to date with Whitty lore

  6. in awe at the size of this lad. ABSOLUTE UNIT

  7. Well everyone can definitely agree right now that none of us saw this coming but that doesn't me this isn't welcome. lol but yeah this was VS Updike V2 [OFFICIAL UPDATE] Remorse Whitty Secret Song mod and I think this was pretty Great LoL from the Banger that is Remorse returning is really great the backgrounds are really good the designs for bf and gf are great as well as Updike himself not sure if any of this is Cannon but this design I don't mind it's pretty funny lol and also like that in the second background you can see two other characters in white suits might be workers for Updike idk. but yeah Pretty Great VS Updike V2 [OFFICIAL UPDATE] Remorse Whitty Secret Song Mod. 🔥🔥👍👍

  8. There's something about Updike's cloud head plus his deep voice that I think just mixes so well with his new Kingpin-esque build.

    This is top tier character design IMO.

  9. I feel more comfortable looking at the original's design.

  10. Anyone else want to see a full mod for Updike?

  11. He looks like hes gonna to slam someone’s head between a car door

  12. its cool to see sock clip back in the community

  13. I was not expecting this new aesthetic in V2. I definitely agree with Updike inheriting the "big boss" design, and BF can be comical…I do appreciate them implementing elements at the drop/bridge of the song, but It think I prefer the old song in some pieces here and there…Still a great track though regardless; just not my cup of tea….

  14. Isnt that a character from amazing world of gumball?

  15. Was this actually made by the guy who made whitty?

  16. Damn he built like kingpin now lmao, gotta say it's very fitting though, with his size looming over the player it really makes Updike feel a LOT more menacing too. I've always never stopped being so invested in this week and I'm so happy to see this being brought back!

  17. This mod is pretty good! Didn't expect an VS Updike mod.
    The body shape really represents Updike

  18. my favourite cloud guy is back hooray

  19. This feels more like a joke than an update due to how BF and GF look.

  20. For a joke remaster

    I fucking love it

  21. Updike: reject humanity, become chungus

  22. I can see some art that I probably won't like already

  23. i prefer old design for updike and the song, but the rest is cooler remastered

  24. I like the mod, the animation is smooth and the art is nice, the thing that they aren't add two new songs or even dialogue and shits like that low some points, and a question I have, the starting bf, gf and updike skins, there are only for decoration or there will be something soon?? Is only for curiosity cuz there appear only a few seconds and if you look at the files there are only the idle sprites

  25. Updike: ‘It’s not always about Whitty, BF…

    It’s about the Mets baby!! Love the Mets!! Alright baby let’s go, get a home run baby! Love the Mets, let’s go Mets!’

  26. Was… was the BF design meant to look like Joel's frien thing or-

  27. Updike after visit grandma LOL XDDDD1111111!!!!!

  28. I can't tell whether this is a joke or not… the redesign is amazing, the new vocals, but on the other hand…look at Bf and Gf

  29. Loving how people are wondering if this is serious or not

    Sock.clip likes shtpost mods and she obviously had fun with BF’s goofy ah sprite

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