Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Tabi Ex-Boyfriend FULL WEEK - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Tabi Ex-Boyfriend FULL WEEK – FNF MODS [HARD]

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Submitter: Homskiy

Project Leader / Tabis DAD: Homskiy

Scripter: GWebDev

Music Composer / Art / Sprites Editor / Charter: Tenzubushi

My battle Charts: DaDrawingLad

Girlfriend VA: Angelattes

Tabi VA: Cougar MacDowall

Special Thanks: sock.clip, Sini, RussianRatigan


  1. Did u know guys tabi is right girl friend is chitting

  2. oh cool in te final tabi sings ballistic / bruh everyone talks about ruv's micro is off, but nobody never mention about tabi EVEN HAVE A MICRO

  3. Your just the best gegcoin😎

  4. Какие же наши люди талантливые 🙂

  5. This will be more fantastic if tabi vs daddy dearest😎

  6. Tabi: finally a masterpiece
    Bf: bruh
    Tabi: now starting to date another victim huh
    Bf: what?
    Gf: Terrified
    Tabi: huh I'll explode this restaurant In 3 2 1
    Bf: uhhhhh
    Gf: you fuckin blow the restaurant
    Tabi: step aside
    Tabi: I guess I'm gonna just kill both of uhhhh…
    Tankman hits ground
    Tankman: hands up for your abuse
    Tabi: tf your using
    Monika: break news with tabi and bf
    Monika: the news all be sent into magazines and to trucks 25 by 25 magazines
    Senpai: wow that's unfair
    Tankman: report tabi Id: 89568855842 age: 42 birthday: June 6 2021
    Tankman 2: OK we'll coming
    Monika: looks like there going for it
    Few minutes later

    Tabi: why do you do this fucking bitches
    Tankman: it's all explosions and abusive
    Tabi: I'll escape this prison and kill of you
    Tankman: not today goat guy
    Tabi: Rages
    Senpai: I read all these magazines
    The End

    Bf – member
    Gf – member
    Tabi – guardian of the restaurant
    Tankman – general
    Tankman 2 – lieutenant
    Senpai – official
    Monika – professional
    Tabi locked in the prison because of the explosion abuse..

    Tabi will stay in the prison for about 1 month

  7. fun fact : genocide was actually a remix for ballastic

  8. This is a good video of fnf. I wish I was a YouTuber

  9. Am I the only one who finds this nostalgic af?

  10. i swear to god you put ads right as he blows up the restaurant, and i thank you for that

  11. Who here thinks tabi looks edgy in the idle animation on Genocide/Song #3?

  12. I think tabi after this he belongs too go to the place agoti lives I like his songs though

  13. Great job with that 60HZ Monitor man!I hope you buy a new one soon!New subscriber:)

  14. Очень круто🙂^_^

  15. Girlfriend that’s your ex not your uncle remember that you use him for career hmm it not remastered

  16. It's like a movie when they say the title and then instead they sing it like Tabi saying last chance and then singing it

  17. Do the tabi mod it’s good I’ll subscribe

  18. Man girlfriend didn't get a chance to go to the toilet no wonder she is sweatin


  20. He is just wendigo skull from the museum but until he escape

  21. I like how Cam (BF) isn't bothered by the fact that Lucy (GF) pushes him to fix all of her problems, and only cries when shes insulted, scared, or Cam messing up, despite being at GUNPOINT (week 7). She's all like "yeah hands in the air like I just don't care". Can't fight her own battles. Her auburn hair and cute smile are 𝘓𝘐𝘌𝘚

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